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The wine anti-dumping application has been submitted to the Ministry of Commerce

on May 20, affected by the anti-dumping rumors, the shares of Mogao shares, Sino Portuguese shares, Changyu A and other wine companies rose sharply. The anti-dumping application of the wine industry has been submitted to the Ministry of Commerce. Industry insiders believe that due to the frequent anti-dumping of China by the European Union and the strong appeal of industry associations, the anti-dumping investigation of wine by Beijing Institute of aeronautical materials is expected to be substantially promoted this year

or EU anti-dumping

there is a market rumor that the EU has recently frequently launched anti-dumping investigations on relevant industries in China. In response to the unreasonable behavior of the EU, the Ministry of Commerce will conduct an anti-dumping investigation on imported wine, and the intensity of this anti-dumping will be great. A relevant person from the China Wine Association told the China Securities News: "the anti-dumping application has been submitted to the Ministry of Commerce, and it is not clear when to start the anti-dumping investigation."

insiders believe that the call for anti-dumping against imported wine has a long history, and the frequent anti-dumping launched by the EU against China may lead to the final determination of the relevant departments. In recent years, wine imports have increased significantly. Almost all Chinese wine enterprises have strongly felt the impact of imported wine from the European Union, and their business conditions, business performance and market share have declined seriously

at present, imported wine in China presents a "dumbbell" industrial structure, the high-end and low-end markets are "big at present", and the market share of medium-sized products is weak. Analysts pointed out that the high-end market is firmly occupied by famous wines, and the impact of anti-dumping on this part of the market may be small, but imported wines in the low-end market will face survival pressure, which will free up a certain market space for domestic wine enterprises

previously, the relevant person of the China Wine Industry Association said that in addition to the anti-dumping investigation of imported wine, the product quality of imported wine should also enter China's certification system

there is still pressure in the industry

analysts believe that anti-dumping will change the profit expectations of relevant companies in the wine industry, and the sharp rise in their share prices in terms of automobiles alone is also a response to the expected impact. However, in addition to supply, it also depends on demand. The negative impact of the decline in official consumption on the wine industry should not be underestimated. There is still pressure in the industry

in 2012, domestic wine enterprises faced the dilemma of declining demand and de stocking of imported wine. This year, the industry is still not out of trouble. Analysts pointed out that although anti-dumping will bring about the improvement of the supply side, the stabilization and recovery of demand can really constitute the reason to be optimistic about relevant companies. According to previous media reports, some dealers have decided to give up acting as agents for Great Wall wine because the manufacturers are in arrears

Changyu A2012 annual report shows that the company achieved an operating income of 5643.53 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 6.37%; The net profit was 170.93 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 10.82%. The company failed to achieve the expected target of operating income of no less than 6.6 billion yuan in 2012. The first quarter report of this year showed that the company's operating revenue fell by 3.34% year-on-year, and its net profit fell by 5.57% year-on-year

of course 8. If there are signs of crushing on the arc surface of the clip after long-term use, the clip should be replaced. In the long run, China's wine industry is still optimistic. The data shows that at present, China's per capita wine consumption is close to 1 liter, which is only equivalent to about 1/4 of the world average level. Compared with 1.88 liters per capita in Japan, which is located in East Asia and has similar eating habits and culture, there is nearly twice the room for improvement

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