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Wine bottle anti-counterfeiting technology needs to be refined and strengthened

[China Packaging News] most of the fake wine bottle packaging we have now is to recycle the real wine bottle, and then fill the fake wine. We have talked about the harm of this behavior and the countermeasures. However, there is a huge interest chain behind the crack in the filling of real wine bottles, which makes this recycling model have a very tenacious vitality. The recovery and sale of fake wine bottles involve a wide range of aspects and are very hidden, so it is actually very difficult to supervise and crack down

can we change this situation through technical means. Obviously, the existing anti-counterfeiting technology of wine bottles is difficult to achieve. How can we solve this problem? On the one hand, it can strengthen the integration of anti-counterfeiting technology of wine bottles. After the wine bottles are opened, the unique identification of this bottle of wine disappears, and even if the wine bottles are recycled, they can no longer be copied. On the other hand, through RFID, network 3G technology and other technologies, the experimental circle value automatic locking information technology after the fracture of various letter test pieces, turns the composite particles of wine bottle anti-counterfeiting system 1 into information. The manufacturer controls the cloud service terminal to master the specific situation of each bottle of wine from delivery to consumption, so that consumers can provide a basis for inquiry, so that there is no use in recycling and filling fake wine bottles

the above two methods are considered more feasible by Chinese packaging, hoping to reduce the performance of materials. We hope our manufacturers can make more countermeasures in the anti-counterfeiting of wine bottles to better prevent this behavior that puzzles the market

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