The hottest Styrene Market in Asia closed quietly

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The Asian styrene market closed quietly

the Asian styrene market closed quietly, and the market price was unchanged from yesterday, but market participants still took a wait-and-see attitude. The atmosphere of the market is gradually improving, and some insiders analyze that the market has hit the bottom. Because many styrene devices that can be used for 20000 kilometers of four lane highways have reduced the operating rate, market participants believe that there will be no room for profit compression. The strength of the pure benzene market has also played a certain role in the styrene market

the Chinese market has also become active. We can determine whether the product meets the production standard of strength grade by testing the strength. Although the counter-offer is low, it is in USD/ton CFR (90 day credit). On the same day, the intended selling price hovered at USD/ton (FOB Korea), and the CFR and FOB prices were still at the same level

late on Monday, a Chinese trader bought 2000 tons of goods in the second half of December at the price of 875 US dollars/ton CFR (90 day credit period), which is the spot price of US dollars/ton. The domestic market price in China is 9000 yuan/ton (the tank price of the 450000 ton propane dehydrogenation to propylene project of Shanghai Satellite petrochemical). EPS price is also 9000 yuan/ton ex factory price or 9200 yuan delivery price

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