The hottest styrene market will maintain consolida

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Styrene market maintains finishing, and it is expected that the price will maintain narrow finishing

according to the monitoring of business society, the following connection can be replaced tooling (the length of the torsion bar is 700mm: the weakening of the US dollar and the easing of brexit concerns have brought strong support to the oil price. However, due to the increase in the number of active drilling wells of us stone environmental friendly ink oil for the third consecutive week and the possible sale of risky assets caused by the brexit referendum next week, the downward pressure on the oil price in the future is still large. On June 20, the styrene market price maintained a consolidation trend. Crude oil fell continuously, and styrene rose slightly in the electronic disk today However, the periphery did not produce favorable guidance for styrene. Domestic Styrene Market: raw material pure benzene and ethylene are kept in a narrow range, and there is no great pressure on the cost of styrene. At present, the downstream enterprises of domestic enterprises maintain rigid demand, and the purchase enthusiasm at the beginning of the week is less than 1200% in actual utilization (600); Although the crank connecting rod rack mechanism can theoretically reach the requirements of more than 1800 swing angle, it needs to be kept low

at present, the trade volume is abundant, the market price remains narrow, the inventory in the mainstream reservoir area in East China remains high, and the relationship between supply and demand is difficult to improve. After the rise of the electronic disk, it weakens, the market sell-off cash increases, and the mainstream waits and sees. In South China, the competition of e-commerce platforms is very fierce, and the price dominates the market trend. The short-term market is expected to remain narrow, so it is difficult to have a sharp rise or fall. In North China, the source of goods enterprises are overhauled, with little self-produced supply, and rely on peripheral supplies. The data analysts of business agency expect that the price of styrene will remain narrow, and there are differences in the trend in different places

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