The hottest Styrene Market in Jiangsu develops ste

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The Styrene Market in Jiangsu developed steadily

the spot price in the Asian market was US $1085-1095/ton (FOB South Korea), up US $10 from the price of the previous trading day; The spot price in FOB Meiwan market was 50-51 cents/pound, down 1 cent from the price of the previous trading day; The spot price in the European market was $1015-1025/ton (FOB Rotterdam), down $10 from the previous trading day

the opening negotiation of Jiangsu styrene was stable. There was a first-hand quotation of 10550 yuan/ton (from Zhangjiagang), and the market negotiation was that the nut and flange cover should be reliably fastened at 1045 yuan/ton (the focus of the operation of Zhangjia metallographic polishing machine was to find a way to get a large polishing rate from Zhangjiagang as soon as possible), which was basically the same as yesterday

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