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2010 Styrene Market Analysis and 2011 market outlook

the trend of domestic Styrene Market in 2010 basically fluctuated with the changes of oil price and upstream pure benzene market, and the overall market showed a peak trend

in January, the world was hit by a cold wave, and the international oil price broke through the $80/barrel mark. The industry's expectations for economic recovery in 2010 increased. Styrene continued to rise in the external market, and styrene CFR China rose to a high of $1300/ton. The domestic styrene market rose sharply under the influence of crude oil and the external market. At the end of the month, the Spring Festival is approaching, and the rise of domestic acetophenone, that is, alkene, slows down, and the market can be smoothed between various manipulation situations. The market consolidation situation is obvious. During the Spring Festival in February, due to the good orientation and the influence of oil price and external market, the domestic styrene market showed a high opening trend. However, due to the stock up before the festival, the social inventory after the festival was high, the construction of downstream factories resumed slowly, the demand was still not fully opened, the cash out of goods sources was obvious, and the market rose with great resistance

after the holiday, the trend of bulk commodities was sluggish. The weather in the north is relatively cold, the downstream construction is not ideal, the demand is flat, and the market pressure is slightly downward. In addition, the overall domestic inventory is still at a relatively high level, which restricts the rise of styrene. In March, the domestic styrene market as a whole showed consolidation momentum

with the warmer weather in April, the operation of downstream plants has significantly improved, and there are signs of a slight rise in domestic styrene under the support of fundamentals. However, due to the decline of crude oil after hitting $87/barrel, the styrene market showed a slow downward trend. Until the end of June, the domestic styrene market as a whole was weak, fluctuating in a narrow range. In July, the market began to stabilize, mainly consolidation. In September, domestic styrene began to rise, and the overall trend remained stable. In November, the peak season of styrene market gradually ended. Affected by the external market and downstream market, the domestic Styrene Market weakened slightly, the market atmosphere was depressed, and the trading was poor

in December, the international oil price hit a two-year high and strongly crossed the $90 mark. At the same time, the global price of pure benzene began to rise. Affected by this, the domestic styrene market as a whole rose. However, as the year-end approached, the operating rate of downstream enterprises gradually declined, the demand for styrene shrank, and the enthusiasm of market participants weakened, which restrained the continued rise of styrene prices

outlook for the future of 2011

according to the analysis of insiders, the demand for styrene in Asia will exceed the supply capacity in 2011, and the price of styrene is expected to continue to rise. At present, nearly 2million tons of new styrene resin capacity will be put into operation in China, while the exquisite and elegant appearance design capacity of domestic styrene is only 400000 tons/year, less than a quarter of the new styrene resin capacity. In the long run, the supply-demand relationship of styrene is tense, and the domestic styrene market price will rise in 2011

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