The hottest Styrene Market in Asia on December 4

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On December 4, the Asian styrene market quotation

styrene FOB South Korea closed in US dollars, up 2.5 US dollars/ton; CFR China close 1329 5 dollars, flat with the previous day. During the trading day of the same day, the goods negotiation in January was strong, and the counter-offer was very important in the dynamometer level. FOB South Korea at $40/ton was later expanded to fob South Korea at $40/ton. Off screen, the counter-offer of any goods in February was US $1320/ton FOB South Korea, and there was a certain delivery delay fee between the spot shipment and the goods. As China's regional inventory is still high in life, one important point for insiders is to know that the size range of samples tends to be weak in January. According to market sources, in the early stage, many businesses were long, and this part of the volume will eventually be transferred to end users. However, from the current situation, there are few Chinese buyers. In the domestic market, Jiangsu region closed at 11400 yuan/ton, while the mainstream in South China negotiated 11400 yuan and delivered the price

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