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China cloud high end forum held in Beijing

ctiforum message on July 8 (pantingting): on July 6, 2011, the China cloud high end forum with the theme of "cloud change, cloud future" was grandly held in the new century JAL hotel in Beijing. This forum is guided by the Ministry of industry and information technology, hosted by the China informatization promotion and public service platform and the national software public service platform, supported by the China informatization promotion alliance, and organized by CCID. How to buy Jinan testing machine

this forum invites the government, authoritative experts in the industry, investment institutions, domestic famous cloud enterprises and elites from all walks of life, including many multimedia, to gather here to share the feast of cloud computing

all the guests at the meeting made witty remarks and made in-depth and brief analysis on the reform of cloud computing and cloud development. When explaining their "cloud views" from the perspectives of government, investment, cloud application enterprises and cloud service providers, the guests had a heated discussion and collided with the ideological improvement of the comprehensive concept for the future development of the cloud

Secretary General Liu Xianjun delivered a speech at the China cloud high end Forum: cloud computing has become the focus of heated discussion in the industry. As cloud computing is a very emerging industry, the government has not set up a relatively professional and mature department to guide it in this field. However, as a government information department, the informatization promotion alliance has always attached great importance to the development of the domestic cloud computing market, And actively strive for a good policy environment for software enterprises, and also made some achievements

Ms. Liu Xianjun also said that the emergence of cloud computing will lead to the innovation of information technology and business model. The government will vigorously support the development of cloud industry. In addition, the development of cloud industry should be in the form of application driven platform. The government will build an open and broad platform for software enterprises, and then the market will take the lead

academician niguangnan, an authoritative academician of the Chinese Academy of cloud computing, believes that cloud computing, as a new computing model, although many people have defined it so far, cloud computing is constantly developing, and the current definitions are too narrow. It can only be said that cloud computing is the epitome of the development of information technology since the third industrial revolution, and it is not too much to call it the third information technology revolution in the network era

one of the reasons why the cloud is so highly valued and sought after is that it is self controllable. What enterprises need is not only its high processing capacity and low cost, but also its self controllable is the consideration for enterprises to choose cloud services. The future trend of the cloud is to use low information like hydropower. In 2020, the smart composite material market will reach US $875million in cost services. However, unlike hydropower physical services, the cloud is an information service that can be copied indefinitely and used repeatedly without loss. Cloud application services will be accepted by more and more people and enterprises

when answering questions, academician Ni highly appreciated xtools' model and believed that it would be the best way for China's cloud to land and enter thousands of households

Secretary General Liu Xianjun and academician niguangnan made a professional explanation and prediction on the transformation and future development of cloud computing from the perspective of government orientation and the characteristics of cloud computing technology and services. For enterprises, more attention is paid to what services cloud computing can provide for enterprises and whether such services can meet the needs of enterprises

niukuiguang, vice president of IDG capital, as a senior capital investment expert, also has great research on cloud computing. The birth of new things must have its value. Being able to judge the value at the first time is a keen sense of smell that an investment expert needs to have. Cloud computing, as the product of the third technology wave rising at the same time in the world, is of self-evident value, Many enterprises have mushroomed in this wave of technology. In the list of the top 50 software enterprises in the United States, new enterprises relying on cloud computing have completely defeated traditional and old software enterprises. It can be seen that the potential of cloud services in the industrial power is immeasurable. The emergence of a new industry and industry, and the development of cloud, will certainly enable many previously unknown enterprises to become industry giants

what will affect the judgment of investors is the risk. The current risks of cloud computing are reflected in the mixed infrastructure construction, the unstable network environment, the smooth port interconnection, and the lack of standards for the openness of cloud platforms. The future development of cloud needs to solve the challenges faced by cloud computing to go further

figure: Li Xiang, senior consultant of Yiwu Xiangsheng Stationery Co., Ltd.

Li Xiang, senior consultant of Yiwu Xiangsheng Stationery Co., Ltd., is a senior enterprise solution consultant. When talking about the benefits that cloud computing can bring to enterprises, Li Xiang highly appreciates xtools' business operation service model. As the saying goes, cloud computing that does not bring real benefits is just a castle in the air, As the leader of domestic cloud enterprises, xtools provides systematic cloud solutions for many enterprises, greatly reducing the marginal cost of enterprises and maximizing the marginal revenue of enterprises. This is a cloud concept in line with Chinese characteristics. Chinese culture has developed a good habit of saving. The cloud services provided by xtools for enterprises can be achieved through the joint action and supporting use of aluminum alloy cables and aluminum alloy special connectors consistent with cable performance, and the application experience of saving costs and reducing expenses

for example, Li Xiang said that an enterprise seeking a management solution from a consulting company would have to pay at least hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of high fees at one time, while xtools only needs to pay a low service fee for a certain period of time to provide a complete management solution. Xtools, a business operation model that provides low-cost cloud services for small and medium-sized enterprises, will become a major trend leading the implementation of the cloud

as the only cloud service provider at the conference, xieyimin, vice president of xtools, said in the cloud high-end forum that xtools enterprise has sharpened its sword in seven years. For the first time, xtools released the "x cloud plan" with "business cloud", "integrated cloud" and "cloud dominating the world" as comprehensive solutions to the media. Xtools' cloud plan provides comprehensive solutions for enterprise management cloud services, personal cloud services and mobile cloud services, Xtools will take the national small and medium-sized enterprises as the breakthrough point in the cloud computing market, and comprehensively lead the cloud landing of the "x cloud plan" with user cloud experience as the core. This landing is not a slogan of ambition, but the need of the IT market

Xie Yimin also revealed for the first time that xtools has reached cooperation with Taobao and other companies, and will integrate its own cloud into the "e-commerce cloud" of Taobao and other companies, which also verifies the "integrated cloud" strategy advocated by xtools

Xie Yimin also revealed that xtools will release a mobile CRM product with GPS location, which has been named "beating the world", and xtools will carry out "cloud beating the world" to the end

lishuzhen, President of CCID, the representative of the organizer of this forum, said that cloud computing has played a crucial role in the future development of our entire informatization, including the development of the entire IT industry. From the perspective of the development of China's cloud computing industry, after a period of discussion, including recent intensive practice, the industry has basically reached a consensus that cloud computing will certainly achieve rapid development in China in the future. However, as a very emerging industry, there is currently no very mature industrial development path for China's cloud industry to refer to and learn from, It can be said that the whole industry is in the initial stage of development. The mutual catalysis between informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises in China and cloud computing will greatly promote the development of cloud in China


this cloud high-end forum is indeed the most high-end forum in China. It brings together the understanding of cloud from different perspectives and is the most comprehensive interpretation of cloud change and cloud future

generally speaking, it is only a few years since the emergence of cloud computing. The global cloud has almost developed synchronously. There is no disadvantage in the Chinese cloud, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for the development of the Chinese cloud. China Cloud's breakthrough in the shackles of cloud models of leading cloud computing enterprises such as Microsoft, IBM and Google is cloud transformation. China Cloud's adoption of a cloud application model with Chinese characteristics is the future of China cloud. CTI Forum Report

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