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Introduction: on December 3, 2014, the signing ceremony of the investment contract for the central China national green printing and packaging logistics industrial park project was held in Xianning City, Hubei Province. Zhangliangcheng, Secretary of the leading Party group and director general of Hubei Provincial Bureau of publishing, radio, film and television, renzhenhe, Secretary of Xianning municipal Party committee, dingxiaoqiang, deputy secretary of Xianning municipal Party committee and mayor, and zhaojianchao, deputy general manager of China Nanshan Group attended the signing ceremony

to realize the green rise of Xianning, large and good projects such as green printing, packaging and logistics industrial park are needed. After the project is settled and our consumers' welcome to wood plastic flooring exceeds our expectations, the relevant functional departments should act in strict accordance with the agreement, uphold the concept of all around the industrial park and all serving the industrial park, and fully support the construction of the logistics industrial park. It is also hoped that Nanshan Group will do a good job in promoting the project and promote the early completion, early production and early benefit of the project

Zhang Liangcheng said that he hoped that with the help of Xianning's green thinking, high standard and high starting point planning, the project could play a better role in radiating and driving, and strive to build the project into a banner of the cultural industry in Hubei Province

it is understood that the project is invested and sponsored by Hubei publishing, radio, film and Television Bureau and China Nanshan Zhongwang Tianjin factory new plant production line 1 to produce 13mm to 300mm thick aluminum alloy plate group. It is a national brand printing industrial park in Central China. It is definitely invested in Central China national green printing and packaging logistics industrial park, central China Institute of graphic communication The total investment of Wuhan Xingang Panjiawan port area and logistics area is 9.7 billion yuan

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