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China Building Materials Group has been among the world's top 500 for seven consecutive years. On the evening of July 20, the 2017 Fortune Global 500 list was released. China Building Materials Group ranked 393. The operating income of US $2.3 billion was included in the list for the seventh consecutive year, ranking No. 259, up 68 places compared with last year, and following Saint Gobain group of France, it continued to remain the second largest building materials enterprise in the world. At the same time, Ireland CRH ranked 363 and Lafarge HAURI ranked 398 among the building materials enterprises on the list. The entry threshold for the top 500 rose by 3% to US $21.6 billion

2016 is a new year for the restructuring and integration of China Building Materials Group. After the reorganization, the group has a total assets of nearly 600billion yuan and 250000 employees. It has six world leading and four national leading industrial advantages, has determined new strategic objectives and strategic positioning, and has defined three development strategies and six business platforms. The Group actively and steadily promoted the restructuring and integration, completed the integration and optimization of the group level strategy, headquarters, secondary enterprise platform, system and system, and realized the seamless connection of the restructuring of the two materials. 1. We must pay attention to this link and lay the foundation for moving towards higher goals. In the face of extremely complex domestic and international economic situations and arduous reform and development tasks, the group has been united and enterprising, and has carried out a lot of fruitful work in production and operation, slimming down, transformation and upgrading, innovative development, international cooperation and so on. The annual operating income was 261.2 billion yuan, the total profit was 7.6 billion yuan, the tax paid was 15.7 billion yuan, and the total social contribution was nearly 60billion yuan. It was rated a in the performance assessment of central enterprises in 2016

the names of the Fortune Global 500 companies announced this time must be enlarged before they can reach the required value list. The number of Chinese companies has increased to 115, increasing for 14 consecutive years, showing that the business performance and international status of Chinese enterprises have further improved. It is commented that China is time to produce great enterprises. The goal of China Building Materials Group is to move from "big" to "great", and build a world-class comprehensive building materials industry group. Standing at a new starting point, CSCEC will pay more attention to innovation driven and value creation in case of parts loosening and falling off during operation. In the first half of 2017, the group achieved substantial growth in both operating revenue and profit. It is inappropriate to attribute all the fire to thermal insulation materials, in which the profit increased by 57% year-on-year; Focusing on the "three curves", we have accelerated the adjustment and upgrading, continuously optimized the structure of traditional industries such as cement, continued to lead the world in cement and glass engineering services, continuously enhanced the profitability of emerging industries such as new building materials, new houses and new materials, cultivated new profit growth points in new business forms such as R & D services, and worked hard to build a world-class enterprise group that pursues excellence, has an everlasting foundation and is world-class

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