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The ASEAN market of China's construction machinery has attracted attention

the China ASEAN Expo has been successfully held for four times. The "special topic of construction machinery" has outstanding advantages and has attracted the attention of many well-known enterprises

according to the official of the Secretariat of the China ASEAN Expo, the number of construction machinery exhibitors and booths in the first four expositions increased steadily, and the number of professional visitors increased year by year. The trade turnover increased from 827100 dollars for the second Expo and 810000 dollars for long-term battery storage to 8190500 dollars for the fourth Expo. The number of professional visitors also increased from 1393 people for the second Expo to 1612 people for the fourth Expo. From the perspective of exhibits, the construction machinery exhibits exhibited in the previous four sessions of China mainly include excavators, loaders, graders, rollers, concrete mixers, concrete batchers and other products. China's construction machinery exhibits are attracting wide attention with complete varieties, diversified styles and appropriate prices

it is reported that China is now one of the four major bases of international construction machinery manufacturing industry. Statistics from China Construction Machinery Industry Association show that in 2007, the sales revenue of China's construction machinery industry exceeded 210billion yuan, ranking fourth in China's machinery industry. In the world's construction machinery industry, the sales revenue ranks second only to the United States, and the current total market volume has accounted for nearly 1/6 of the world market. According to the statistics of the General Administration of customs, the total import and export trade volume of China's construction machinery in 2007 reached 13.64 billion US dollars, an increase of 52.6% over 2006. Among them, the cumulative import amount was 4.94 billion US dollars, an increase of 25.7% over 2006; The accumulated export value was US $8.7 billion, an increase of 73.5% over 2006, and the trade surplus was US $3.76 billion

according to 3. Check and set from the pull-down menu or directly input the data solution, in order to comply with the requirements of the construction of China ASEAN Free Trade Area, China has reduced the tax on construction machinery products exported to ASEAN. This measure makes the export of China's construction machinery products occupy a greater price advantage. At present, there are 8 types of construction machinery, and the agreed tax rate is 5%, which is generally 2-3 percentage points lower than the current domestic tax rate. Including concrete pump, internal combustion forklift and parts, concrete or mortar mixing machine, mineral and asphalt mixing machine, stabilized soil paver and other pavers. In addition, 23 basic parts of construction machinery have achieved tax reduction test items: performance change test: the agreed tax rate of hydraulic parts and pneumatic components is 10%, 2-4% lower than the current domestic tax rate; For bearings, moulds and seals, the agreed tax rate is 5%, which is lower than the current tax rate in China. Np572 is the preferred high-temperature glass fiber felt composite and high-performance glass fiber filled thermoplastic by 3%

Guangxi, the permanent host of China ASEAN Expo, has outstanding regional advantages, which provides great convenience for China's construction machinery products to enter ASEAN countries. Nanning, the capital of Guangxi, is located in the southwest coastal area of China, close to Vietnam and ASEAN. It is the center of the "two corridors and one circle" and the frontier of economic cooperation in the Greater Mekong subregion. Liuzhou, Guangxi is one of the six major construction machinery production bases in China. China's machinery products directly enter ASEAN countries through Guangxi, which is convenient and fast, and can greatly reduce the transportation cost and shorten the transportation time. (duweitao)

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