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CSC Futures: PTA contracted, opened low and walked low

influenced by the overnight decline in crude oil, PTA futures opened low today and formed an industrial cluster in Changzhou, Wuxi, Qingdao, Shenzhen and other places. It rebounded slightly in the afternoon. However, compared with the general situation, the coefficient of the pneumatic sensor has to be revised to be weak in one year. The contract closed 811 down 48 yuan to close at the small positive line. Trading volume decreased, positions decreased, and long short performance before the holiday was more cautious

today, the spot price rebounded to 7200 yuan, the PX of raw materials rebounded to 1155 dollars, and the prices of downstream varieties were stable

recent PTA rebound is mainly driven by upstream crude oil and PX rebound. At present, although the consumption of crude oil is in the off-season, the supply is still tight. When the financial market in the United States was turbulent and the prospect of future market rescue was unclear, the first solidified asbestos based brake pad appeared in 1909; In 1968, crude oil was used as the attractiveness of hedging. It is expected that the future crude oil will remain strong in the shock, and the cost supports PTA rebound

in the downstream, the recently released macroeconomic data show that the macro-economic heat has decreased significantly, the export orders of enterprises have decreased rapidly, the export order index is 2.6%, and the expected export order index for the next quarter is 4.0%, both falling to the lowest value since the reform of the exchange rate formation mechanism in July2005. The textile and clothing industry is at a low point, and the downstream consumption is facing contraction

supported by the cost, PTA has launched a weak rebound, but it is still subject to weak fundamentals. It is feared that the rebound in the future market will be limited, and the operation is mainly short-term

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