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Want to add beautiful decoration to the wall? In addition to filling the blank of the wall with ordinary wall paint, wallpaper and shelves, you can also use more personalized artistic wall decoration to create your own personality

want to add beautiful decoration to the wall? In addition to filling the blank of the wall with ordinary wall paint, wallpaper and shelves, you can also use more personalized artistic wall decoration to create your own personalized wall. Break the conventional thinking of traditional pure color walls, bring an alternative landscape to the home, and let the space burst into new life! How to use artistic wall decoration with different materials to bring home new ideas? What material should be used? Today Xiaoxi takes you into a different art wall

1. Simple construction の art paint

art paint is a new type of wall decorative art material, which originated in Europe at the earliest. Compared with other decorative materials, artistic coatings have a delicate and smooth feel, natural and environmental protection, simple construction, effect oriented and emphasis on design atmosphere. Artistic wall paint has rich colors and strong gorgeous dyeing power, which can vividly reflect nobility, elegance and natural harmony. There are textured paint, relief wall art, liquid wallpaper, metallic paint, luminous paint, fluorescent mural, dream paint, Malay paint, etc

2. Never decline の art glass wall

the decoration of art glass can create a warm, harmonious, romantic and free-living atmosphere for the room. Art glass wall uses glass as the material, and with the help of the crystal clear characteristics of glass, a series of processes such as painting, carving, inlaying, etc. form an organic collection of light and color, shape and surface through glass transmission, refraction, and reflection, producing a kind of flowing light and color, Colorful art

3. Personalized decoration の mosaic wall

mosaic is an ancient, fashionable and personalized decorative art, which is favored by avant-garde and young families because of its strong plasticity and fashionable personality. It is widely used in indoor small area floors, walls and outdoor large and small walls and floors because of its small size and colorful characteristics. Mosaic wall materials include glass, ceramics, metal, stone, shell, wood and mixed materials, which are widely used in bathroom, kitchen, background wall, bath, etc

4. Vivid and flexible の hand painted wall

hand painted wall is a combination of European and American Graffiti, which has been brought into the modern home culture design by many designers, forming a unique home decoration style. Hand painted walls can be matched with a variety of home styles. Delicate flowers and natural leaves can often bring unexpected effects to the overall home style. Wall paintings are not limited to a certain position in the home. Generally, TV background walls, sofa walls and children's rooms are decorated more

5. Home entertainment room の indoor graffiti wall

the graffiti wall always makes people want to paint and write, which is interactive. It can become an emotional exchange place for families and friends to leave messages with each other in the living room, kitchen, study, children's room, etc. There are many materials for graffiti walls. Compared with cold modern painted glass, water-based blackboard paint can easily create a warm feeling, which is more suitable for home. The extended wall can be made of cement, brick wall materials, or warm color coatings such as gray, goose yellow, earth color, etc

6, warm and interesting の photo wall

behind each photo is a beautiful memory. The photo wall made of "memory" constitutes the warmest corner of your home. It will always remind you to cherish the good life and the eternal love between family, relatives and friends. The photo wall design can be arranged according to heart-shaped, square and oval, or can be arranged into irregular shapes at will. Different typesetting designs will bring different visual effects, and different ways can be used to design different home spaces

the same walls and different colors are destined to make the art of walls different. Black and white or color, simple and abstract or watercolor. Although the themes are different, they have their own customs. Art changes with you, and life is more pleasant because of space




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