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The extreme use of every inch of space in small house decoration has become the focus, so as to make the small home more exquisite and colorful. This group of decoration renderings of small houses brought to you today shows you the best storage design of small houses, making you a master of space utilization

small house decoration effect drawing

is a very unique small dining table design, but different from the above figure, the dining table is placed at the end of the cabinet. The white kitchen background wall and cabinet are matched with the wooden cabinet surface and kitchen floor design, forming the most classic wood white matching, which brings a simple and refreshing atmosphere to the effect drawing of small house decoration. In order to save the space of small house decoration, the wooden small dining tables and chairs are hidden at the end of the cabinet, so that the restaurant is located in a corner of the kitchen, which brings convenience to catering life. It is also a classic design of small house decoration that you use every inch of space




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