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Teak is a very common wood, which has “ King of all trees ” Teak furniture is beautiful, smooth and fragrant, and has great collection value and appreciation space. Therefore, more and more people buy Teak Furniture now. When they buy furniture, they pay more attention to the brand. Let's briefly talk about the content of teak furniture brand

which teak furniture brand is better

1. Royal Yida teak furniture

Royal Yida teak furniture is a well-known teak furniture brand in Shanghai. This furniture brand has experienced many years of development and adopts imported green pure teak. The furniture product is very personalized and is a high-quality teak furniture

2. Ink teak furniture

the raw material of ink teak furniture is mainly Myanmar's golden pomelo, which is characterized by golden yellow and moist surface color with natural wood grain. Moreover, the product has high-end texture and unique design, which is deeply favored by consumers

3. Rexentia teak furniture

rexentia teak furniture is also a furniture brand in Shanghai. This enterprise has its own unique way in production management. Its strong uniqueness and novel style make this brand deeply loved by everyone

4. Teak furniture in saitvina

this brand has different teak furniture series, including Golden Teak, Shangdong international, teak British French and so on. It has a complete set of overall household services and occupies a leading position in the furniture industry. Satvina teak furniture is a well-known brand worthy of the name in China, with wide sales coverage and diverse styles. It has always been respected and loved by the majority of consumers

how to maintain teak furniture

1. Dust removal

teak furniture needs regular dust removal, try to use clean soft cotton cloth, and do not wipe teak furniture with tableware cleaning tools. Avoid scratching furniture with sharp utensils at ordinary times, and try to put some heavy objects on the surface of furniture

2. Cleaning

the stains and greases on the surface of teak furniture should be cleaned in time. It is OK to use general detergent. When cleaning, first use a soft brush to remove the dust, then use a clean rag to touch water, and wipe along the direction of the furniture surface texture

3. Wax regularly

teak furniture should be waxed regularly in addition to dust during maintenance, so as to increase the beauty of appearance. Special teak furniture should be used for polishing wax, and the furniture should be maintained regularly. Generally, the wax should be applied 1-2 times a year to avoid excessive wax damaging the furniture surface

editor's summary: with the introduction of teak furniture brand and how to maintain teak furniture, I believe everyone knows its brand! Teak furniture is a kind of good wood, and the price is not cheap, so we must learn to maintain it





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