The quality of the waterway affects the decoration

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House inspection case 1: the reserved toilet seat opening is too low, which affects the later decoration

house inspection case 1: the reserved toilet seat opening is too low, which affects the later decoration

house inspection site:

the house inspector inspected the water engineering of the bathroom, took out a ruler to measure the reserved toilet seat, and found that the height between the reserved toilet seat and the ground is 200mm, which does not meet the national standard, which has an impact on the later decoration

suggestions for house inspection:

according to the code for acceptance of construction quality of building water supply and drainage and heating engineering, the casing installed in the toilet and kitchen should be 500 mm higher than the decorative floor. The house inspector suggested the developer to rectify the height of the reserved opening again and reach a certain height

house inspection case 2: the waterproof height does not meet the standard

house inspection site:

according to the delivery standard, the waterproof height of the wall at the bathroom shower should be 1.8 meters, but when the house inspector inspected the waterproof layer of the wall, he found that the actual waterproof layer was only 1 meter

suggestions for house inspection:

according to relevant national regulations, the waterproof layer should extend from the ground to the wall, 100 mm higher than the ground; The waterproof layer of bathroom wall shall not be less than 1800 mm. The house inspector said that the position with insufficient height needs to be waterproof again

house inspection case 3: the drainage pipe has no fire ring, and the water pipe support is not fixed

house inspection site:

when the house inspector inspected, he found that there is no fire ring above the drainage pipe, and the pipes of this house are plastic pipes, without expansion joints. The bracket of the water pipe fell off and was not fixed

suggestions for house inspection:

plastic drainage pipes are exposed in high-rise buildings, and fire rings or fire casings are set under the floor to prevent the fire from spreading to other floors after the plastic pipes are burned out in case of fire. Any plastic drainage pipe with a straight length of more than 4 meters without expansion joints will be deformed, cracked and leaked. Therefore, the house inspector suggested to add a fire stop ring, and the plastic drainage pipe is required to set an expansion joint on each floor to fix the sewer support




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