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June 23, Olympic Day, is a day of great commemoration. Congratulations to the emperor and noble custom family for adding another member. King Pingdu of Shandong always joins the emperor and noble family

Pingdu City, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Shandong Province, is located in the west of Jiaodong Peninsula and is the largest county-level city in Shandong Province; Located in the Bohai Bay Economic Circle with strong economic growth in China and the manufacturing center of Shandong Peninsula, it is a "hub" connecting Qingdao, Weifang and Yantai, and is known as the "back garden" of Qingdao

in 2005, the total output value of the city was 28.69 billion yuan, an increase of 19.3%, and the local fiscal revenue was 960 million yuan, a comparable increase of 50.7%; The disposable income of urban residents exceeded the 10000 yuan mark, an increase of 13.8%. In 2005, the city's comprehensive index of social and economic development advanced 26 places in the national top 100 counties. The basic competitiveness of the county economy ranks 34th in the country, and the comprehensive evaluation index of the top 30 cities in Shandong Province ranks 7th, ranking among the top 50 small and medium-sized cities with the most investment potential in China. Strive to build a modern, idyllic and livable city, and build a green ecological evenness

Shandong Pingdu Wang general manager has a store of about 100 square meters. He is choosing a customized brand, plans to find a brand in Shandong, and has found a number of customized franchised brands to investigate and compare. However, he is not satisfied with some details, and pays more attention to the price of plates and policy support. On June 22, President Wang got in touch with us by leaving a message on the Internet. He was very anxious to find a brand that could satisfy him. After communicating with our regional manager and simply understanding our emperor noble customized home, he took the train to Hefei on the evening of the 22nd, and visited the Emperor noble on the 23rd. He agreed with our factory, exhibition hall design and other comprehensive strength, and the franchise policy and plate price were convenient, After communicating with our investment manager, we were deeply attracted by our new business model of investment promotion in 2018, and signed a contract on the same day to join the emperor noble customized home

if you are satisfied with your home I, you can choose the customized home of emperors and nobles! After 17 years of continuous efforts, Hefei Jianxiang home has a complete and mature marketing and management system, a strong team and high-quality service system, which provide a solid backing for the development of the majority of dealers. The Royal noble brand is bringing a brand-new wealth business opportunity, a brand-new industry concept and a brand-new cooperation mode to the dealers





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