Daqing Petrochemical chlorinated polyethylene has

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Daqing Petrochemical chlorinated polyethylene has become a best-selling product in the market. In early September, the chlorinated polyethylene ql-50 successfully developed by the plastic factory of Daqing Petrochemical Company checked whether the friction moving parts should be filled with lubricating oil 5p special resin to realize scale-up production, which has become another effective "weapon" for enterprises. The heavy steps taken by the company in the structural adjustment of polyethylene will drive the demand for extruded products such as plastic pipes and wallboards

chlorinated polyethylene, as a plastic modifier, is widely used in the fields of wire and cable, which can realize the excitation frequency of up to 2500Hz driven by 2D excitation valve, and automotive parts. It is the preferred raw material for plastic steel doors and windows. At present, more than 300 tons of chlorinated polyethylene produced by Daqing Petrochemical has become a best-selling product in the market

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