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Situational strategy - connecting the present and future channels

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building one of the organizational strategies facing the future in a rapidly changing environment

necessary measures should be taken during the exemption period situational strategy - connecting the present and future channels

deconstruction of situational strategy model

2. Situational strategy - connecting the present and future channels

on the way to the 2004 spring fashion show in Paris, Carine roitfeld, editor in chief of the French edition of vogue, held a reception at the Plaza Athenee Hotel in a shiny, heavily crystal trimmed fashion. Subsequently, Swarovski company released the theme of 2005 fashion trend to the world with the works of many well-known designers. Swarovski is the world's largest supplier of crystal fashion accessories. According to its traditional positioning, it is a typical manufacturer role. Paying for traders and designers in a pile of crystal cutting machines and wanting to hook up with the fashion industry is like a toad eating swan meat. However, she not only ate swan meat, but also became a beautiful swan herself. The reason is that over the years, the positioning that has ensured her to be far ahead in the industry is no longer its hard-working crystal cutting technology, but the positioning of "global fashion and creative partner". She is distributed in the fashion capital of London, Paris, Milan, New York and the emerging "creative service centers" in Dubai, New Delhi, Sao Paulo and the headquarters in Austria, and the "trend and application centers" in Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. She leads the world into the crystal crazy fashion culture and constantly helps the fashion industry launch ambitious and prominent brands. Many clothing companies and jewelry companies' trend press conferences are released with seasons, but Shihua ruoshiqi is a year ahead of schedule. Fashion is context, and enterprise is fashion. Shihua ruoshiqi's business model of integrating context change and organizational change provides us with a new perspective of organizational situational survival

under what circumstances does human response keep pace with the change of external environment? Under what circumstances can the response of tissue and body be consistent with the rhythm of changes in the external environment

under what circumstances can people most excitedly form resonance with the rhythm of changes in the external environment? Under what circumstances can the tissue body most excitedly resonate with the rhythm of external environmental changes

the standard experimental method requires that the calculation should become the zigzag stress at 5%. When environmental variables change in disorder and nonlinearity, the effective way for people to face complexity and diversity is not to improve control and stability, but to improve people's intuitive response speed and adaptability to change, that is, to improve people's situational response ability. A complex situation is a combination of various factors that can cause human vision, touch, hearing, smell, analysis, judgment, emotion, rationality, action and other reactions. The combination relationship between these factors and factors is constantly changing. At the same time, each situation response of human beings is inseparable and changes with the environment. When skilled drivers are in driving situations, skilled football players are in sports situations, and skilled boxers are in fighting situations, the changes of situational factors, especially the core situational factors, are unknown. Every second has many possibilities. Now is the future. But they all have the best ability to adapt to changes and respond in such changes. At this time, their learning ability, analysis ability, decision-making ability, action ability and risk aversion ability are all the best. Human changes and reactions are in the same rhythm with the random changes of the situation, so they can fully grasp the instantaneous changes. It is human situational response ability that ensures the effect of this changing state. This situational response ability is trained in similar situations and turned into human instinctive response ability. Put an untrained person on the bridge or boxing ring, and his situational response ability is almost zero

the management environment of the organization is obviously a complex combination of situations. To ensure that the organization can grasp the change opportunity of "the next second is the future", the traditional step-by-step management mode of "planning, this kind of equipment belongs to the hydraulic reinforcement mode of action, improvement, and re planning" is obviously very backward. Through systematic situational planning, it is obviously the only way to reasonably train the situational response ability of the organizational body and make the organizational system have the ability of situational change like people. This situational capability system planning can not only stay on the improvement of the existing management system such as the on-site situation and institutional situation, but also implement thorough changes at the core levels of strategy, process, organization, resources and so on to realize the situational response ability of the organization. So as to build a straight-line channel from the present to the future, ensuring that the organization can dance with the rhythm in the context of "now is the future". A high-quality organizational context change channel realizes the instant unity of the following factors

① learning is application. Organizational learning ability is the key indicator for enterprises to point to the future, and the effective application of knowledge is the only effective result of realizing the value of learning ability. The natural separation of structured organization in functions, processes, levels and other aspects makes it impossible to freely and actively carry out cross functional learning in functions, which is a natural obstacle to the transformation to a learning organization. Moreover, the more important defect is the separation between the subjective level and the application level of knowledge, which is a natural obstacle to the transformation from subjective knowledge to objective application level. In the context of rapid change, the thinking of learning before applying is very ridiculous. Every imitation and learning of football players on the pitch is reflected in action application at the same time. Excellent boxers are excellent in the fight situation on the spot. Implement situational planning, let the organization be exposed to the changes of the system's operation and management situation, obtain and improve situational ability, realize the identity of "learning is application", and ensure that the organization is synchronized in "current learning level" and "future application level"

② analysis is decision-making. It takes weeks and months to submit reports level by level, hold several seminars, and then hire external experts for evaluation. It is obvious that the way to make a final decision cannot enable the organization to grasp the best opportunity in change. In order to ensure the organization's ability to cope with the rapid changes in the environment, it must have the ability of situational thinking. The organization should be as sensitive as the human body. The perceptual system and the decision-making system are almost synchronized. The process of collecting information is the process of analyzing information

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