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Fanuc founder Daoye: leading by tenfold research

FANUC has a market value of 35billion US dollars, which is 228.5 billion yuan at the exchange rate of 65303. What we can learn from is that the market value of Moutai in Guizhou is 162.8 billion, and Vanke AB shares are merged to 98.5 billion. This company, which is more profitable than Moutai and Vanke and has a larger market value, is FANUC, one of the three swordsmen of CNC in the world, and the other two are the famous Siemens and Cincinnati in the United States

with a market value of US $35billion, FANUC is one of the most secretive and profitable enterprises in Japan, which is rarely heard of by ordinary people. However, more than half of the world's computer tools and machines use their control system, which is easy to disappear the bubbles generated by this process. 2. The current main problem system, it is also the first robot company in Japan

the founder of FANUC, Akira Inaba, is a legend in Japanese business circles. He once took a clock ten times faster than the normal speed to researchers, saying that we need to improve the energy density of car batteries to wake them up to maintain a competitive lead; Before printing, creation and research not only need to measure the friction coefficient of film materials at room temperature, but also is the biggest driving force for the company to maintain the first place in the world

according to Bloomberg, FANUC's operating profit margin climbed to an unprecedented 44% last quarter, ranking third among the constituent stocks of the Topix 100

FANUC's robot technology once attracted the chairman of Hon Hai group, Terry Gou, to learn from it; When former Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji visited Japan, he also listed this company as a key company to visit, which shows its position in the industry

in addition, FANUC has not only accelerated the development of CNC machine tools in Japan, but also accelerated the improvement of global CNC machine tool technology. Fanuc's control system will command lathes, grinders and milling machines, cut steel into iPhone cases, or make aluminum plates into rib arches of Boeing 747 airliners. Suppliers of Toyota or general motors all use FANUC's control system

foster, an analyst at BNP Paribas in Tokyo, said that for ordinary people, FANUC is unknown. In fact, they are Microsoft in the tool machine industry; If Mount Fuji breaks out and destroys FANUC, the world will stop running

inako's founder, Inaba qingyouweimen, is the strong man of the company. Some people say that he runs the company with military precision. Once he makes a decision, it is almost impossible to change; But if someone has a better idea than him, he can also adopt it immediately

at the age of 30, Daoye entered Fujitsu control research group as the leader. Inaba, steeped in foreign research, believes that the future is the world of numerical control machines (such as automatic tool machines). Therefore, a year later, in 1956, the first numerical control device in Japan was produced

after seeing that many companies in Europe and the United States moved their headquarters to the countryside, Inaba decided to move their headquarters and factories to the picturesque Nino village at the foot of Mount Fuji. The factory area of the company is mainly yellow, and workers wear yellow overalls to shuttle through it. Yellow is the color of rice leaves, which is considered "helpful for clear thinking"

Daoye Shanzhi is the only son of Daoye Qing youweimen. Inaba Shanji announced last month that the company's production capacity was fully opened. This month, it announced that FANUC's net profit in the last quarter reached 373.1 million US dollars, almost eight times that of the same quarter last year. The company is currently targeting China and India

note: FANUC robots in China:

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