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Schneider Electric 2015 Water Industry Innovation Summit was held in Xi'an

on July 30, 2015, Xi'an global energy efficiency management expert Schneider Electric recently held the 2015 Schneider Electric Water Industry Innovation Summit with the theme of energy efficiency + starting the future in Xi'an. This summit focuses on the future development trend of China's water industry in the context of energy conservation and efficiency enhancement. Many senior leaders of Schneider Electric China attended the summit and discussed the current situation and future development direction of China's smart water services with many senior experts, high-quality customers and partners in the industry, sharing Schneider Electric's unique value proposition, service capability and best practice in smart water solutions

it has long been the consensus of the whole society to achieve sustainable development by saving water resources and improving their utilization. With the official promulgation of the State Council's ten water regulations covering GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS... This year, the improvement of energy efficiency has become the primary goal of the development of China's water industry, with the improvement of water environment quality as the core and in accordance with the principles of water conservation priority, spatial balance, systematic governance and two hands

Cao Wei, senior vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of the National Sales Department, said: in the face of a new round of industrial revolution and the new normal of national economic development, improving the efficiency of the industrial chain is the top priority. For China's water industry, throttling is more important than open source. It is imperative to reduce the huge waste of water resources caused by leakage and other factors through technology. As the only supplier in the world that can provide full life-cycle solutions for the water industry, Schneider Electric has helped the water industry achieve safe, efficient and sustainable development based on its years of successful experience in the field of smart water and internationally leading treatment technology, with energy efficiency + as the guide

Cao Wei, senior vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of national sales department, member of IWA, international leakage control expert of ADB World Bank project, and engineer houyukun, senior engineer of North China University of water resources and hydropower whose energy accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy, attended the summit and shared his views on the development prospects of China's water industry. He said: with the implementation of the new environmental protection law and the introduction of three common classification methods: the ten articles on water, China has opened an era with the improvement of environmental quality as the core, and has shifted the environmental protection industry from end-to-end treatment to green production in the whole life cycle. The promotion of PPP mode and third-party governance mode will provide more opportunities for water enterprises and national governments to exchange and cooperate. China's water industry will usher in unprecedented market opportunities, which will play a positive role in promoting the development of the water industry and promoting industrial pollution control. Water enterprises will benefit from the development of Internet +, IOT, big data and cloud computing. By trying to combine the new business model with internet big data, the water industry will have inestimable strategic value in the future

at the summit, Zhao Kang, senior vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of the global solutions business unit, and industry experts, senior media, and partners discussed through the summit, focusing on the development prospects of the environmental industry and in-depth analyzing the opportunities and challenges faced by the water industry. Zhao Kang said that the unique climate and natural environment in the western region have always faced many challenges in the treatment and utilization of water resources. In the Internet + era, the close combination of IT systems and big data services makes smart water a reality

Zhao Kang, senior vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of global solutions division, presided over the peak sermon session

in this session, guests shared their unique views on the water industry: Dai Weizhao, senior partner of E20 environmental platform and executive director of E20 Environmental Industry Research Institute, discussed the development status of the environmental industry and the development prospects of water enterprises from the macro level, He said: China's environmental industry will become a big market, undergo a big change and enter a big era. This industry shows a trend of rapid development in terms of environmental service interface, service depth, technical content, equipment level and so on, and will become an important pillar industry of the national economy. Yu Pei, assistant general manager of Kunming general water, said when facing the current situation of the municipal water industry: Kunming and Xi'an have sufficient water resources in history, but in modern times there have been varying degrees of drought and water pollution. I think the water industry needs to break the conservative thinking, combine the smart water solutions similar to those provided by Schneider Electric, and quickly improve the level of automation and intelligence, so as to solve the current water problems. Jin canglu, head of industry of Veolia China, emphasized the challenges and Countermeasures of industrial water treatment. The core of the water industry lies in operation. What Schneider Electric and Veolia do is to help water units realize management networking and operation automation, so as to greatly improve their operation efficiency. Shangqunyong, chief engineer of Northwest Design Institute of China Municipal Engineering, based on national infrastructure construction, believes that China's environmental protection industry is facing the dual challenges of technology and development. The state and enterprises should increase diversified investment in environmental protection and improve the level of intelligence, so as to promote the sustainable development of the whole society

participants visited Schneider Electric's smart water solutions on site

as the highlight of the whole summit, Schneider Electric showed its smart water solutions that keep pace with the times and cover all aspects in the era of big data. The plan focuses on the whole water cycle. No matter the enterprise management level, operation scheduling level, or production control level, it can actively monitor, collect, analyze and assist daily and emergency decisions, so as to make water assets operate more efficiently, long-term and reliably, and truly realize intelligent water. Among them, Schneider Electric WMS water leakage management integrated platform includes water data statistical analysis, pipe simulation and optimization, and GIS asset management. Three technologies cooperate with the pipe telemetry system to monitor the operation status of the whole pipe from six areas, including data collection, data analysis, alarm, detection, and auxiliary decision-making, providing a powerful solution for real-time monitoring of water pipelines. Aquis operation intelligent water simulation cloud platform is the only operation and management platform in the world to realize real-time monitoring and dynamic decision-making of water supply pipes, which can help water companies make water supply scheduling decisions more efficiently, realize thousands of miles away, perceive the rapid changes of water, timely notify users, and improve water satisfaction

this event has received extensive attention from authoritative media and enterprises focusing on the innovative and green development of the water industry. At this conference, experts and business people inside and outside the industry expressed their expectations for the development of China's water industry, and will work together to expand the future of China's environmental industry, help the development of water enterprises, and contribute more to the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society in China

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