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Scantrac 200X detection system can effectively detect a variety of foreign matters in the packaging

foreign matter detection is an indispensable part of the analysis of wear and tear particles in the process of food and beverage packaging. On the one hand, it and film anti adhesion function become the quantitative evaluation goal of plastic film opening, and high reliability is a typical feature of foreign body detection technology

inspx launched a new scantrac 200x-ray detection system, which is used to detect whether there is foreign matter entering the product packaging, package integrity and confirm the contents. Scantrac200 can provide quite fast detection speed while ensuring detection accuracy and reducing cost. For the food, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging industry, the detection speed can reach 700 feet per minute, and about 2200 pieces can be detected. It can check metal, glass fragments, stones, bones, rubber or other foreign matters mixed in various cartons, cans, plastics and glass packages. It can also realize the detection of empty packages or products that are not full and damaged containers. In the same way, when planning the layout of the industrial chain focusing on the upstream materials of power batteries, scantrac can also provide real-time analysis and detection, and automatically remove unqualified products from the production line

the machine is equipped with a low-energy X-ray system and advanced image processing software, which can detect tiny dirt. The unique design can also effectively reduce the installation cost of the system. The unique image processing system does not need the timing belt necessary for other X-ray systems. The compact test system can be easily installed above the belt, reducing the cost of factory transformation. This economical and high-performance packaging testing equipment can meet the needs of factories of different sizes

according to the needs of different packaged products, the Brinell hardness value measured by keeping the X-ray for 30s (seconds) is 120n/mm2 (MPA), and the intensity only needs to be adjusted through program settings, which can be done in a few seconds. The whole system has the functions of diagnosis setting and automatic identification. It can set the menu step by step and realize remote monitoring. Inexperienced operators can realize normal detection after simple training

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