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Application of SCADA software on Delta PLC Ethernet bus

Abstract: This paper mainly describes the design technology of Ethernet SCADA system based on Delta PLC products. The technology uses typical SCADA software packages such as InTouch, ciect, broadwin, lablink, etc. The system integration technology of these SCADA software packages and Delta PLC products is presented with pictures and texts

Keywords: InTouch; Ciect; BroadWin; Lablink; Delta PLC

1 Introduction

with the impact of globalization, the world has entered the network era. Whether it is business or industry, the dependence on network is also increasing

the biggest effect of globalization is the business form without borders. It is possible that the local machinery and equipment have just been completed today and will be installed and operated on the other side of the earth tomorrow. Or it is possible that people in the control center thousands of kilometers away must monitor and operate the machines and equipment distributed everywhere. This type is the key to highlight the importance of network. The development of industrial network has gradually expanded its scope and increased the speed of data transmission

the development of Ethernet has solved these needs. There is no distance limit, and the data transmission rate can reach 100m BPs, which is quite popular. Machines and equipment in various places can be easily interconnected via Ethernet, data exchange, and then converted to the internal serial network for command execution

at this time, a system that connects various equipment through Ethernet for central monitoring function appears, which is called SCADA or remote monitoring system

this article introduces how to use InTouch, ciect, broadwin, lablink and other four famous SCADA software to connect with Delta PLC products through Ethernet

2 SCADA summary

2.1 what is SCADA

scada (supervisory control and data acquisition) system, that is, data acquisition and monitoring control system. SCADA system has a wide range of applications. It can be used in many fields, such as data acquisition and monitoring control and process control in power system, water supply system, petroleum, chemical industry and other fields

scada system is a computer-based production process control and scheduling automation system. It can monitor and control the on-site operating equipment to realize various functions such as data acquisition, equipment control, measurement, parameter adjustment and various signal alarms

due to the different requirements of SCADA in various application fields, the development of SCADA system in different application fields is not completely the same

2.2 SCADA driver

scada driver is an essential item for communication and monitoring between control system (DCS, PLC, DDC) and SCADA. At present, the SCADA that Delta has completed the Ethernet online test is Wonderware InTouch, Ge iFIX, Citect, broadwin, lablink (Chaoding). Due to the built-in Modbus communication protocol of Delta PLC, all other SCADA systems can use the built-in MODBUS driver to connect with Delta PLC through serial transmission

2.3 SCADA based on Delta PLC network architecture

at present, all PLC in Delta have built-in Modbus communication protocol, which can transmit and receive data through RS-485. In addition, this year, Ethernet module and DeviceNet master station module are also launched for SV models, making Delta PLC more flexible in connection and utilization with other devices, and more widely used without restrictions. See Figure 1

Figure 1 network connection diagram

3 delta SCADA system integration design

3.1 how to set InTouch to connect dvp28sv through en01

InTouch is a SCADA diagram control software developed by Wonderware. For more information about this software, please refer to its official website, or Taiwan agent Kesheng technology station

1. Use MODBUS Ethernet i/o server (mbenet) in Wonderware's InTouch software to communicate with en01. Mbenet server supports all communication protocols using Modbus TCP. Please confirm that mbenet has been installed before executing InTouch. Start the i/o server according to the following steps:

Start> all programs> Wonderware factorysuite> IO servers> Modicon MODBUS Ethernet

2. Select topic definition in the configure menu in the window, and create a new i/o server topic

3. The topic definition window will be displayed and set as follows

①. New topic name

②. Set the e counting circuit to be very stable and reliable. The IP address of N01 is

③ Select 584/984 PLC

④ in the slave device type field

Set block i/o sizes to

coil read: 80

coil write: 80

4 Open Wonderware> InTouch

5. After setting, select done to save the setting

6. Open start> all programs> Wonderware> InTouch. The application manager will open, create a new folder under the preset path, on the other hand, with the rapid development of China's industry in recent years, and define a name, such as "en01". And create a new application

①. Set the path to store InTouch application data

② Set directory

③ Type the application name

④ After setting, click "finish"

7 Double click the previously created application to open the InTouch windowmaker window

8. Enter the InTouch windowmaker window, go to configure> access names, double-click to call out the new window, and select Add to add an access name. Enter access name The application name must be "mbenet", and the topic name must be the same as the mbenet application name entered previously (such as "en01")

9. Each user who wants to add an i/o channel must create a tag with a unique tag name. Turning on the non reprocessability of TA plastic thermosetting photosensitive polymer will cause a lot of material waste and serious environmental impact. The greening of additives is the premise of realizing the environmental friendliness of plastic materials

10. Open a new file, and the "window properties" window pops up and asks for the window name

11. Open the "Wizard selection" icon to add new objects

12. Select the desired object. For example, if using digital output input points, select "switches"

13. Select an object in the window to set the tag name set before entering its details

14. After setting, click runtime to execute the set application, and you can observe the communication between mbenet server and en01

see the full text: the application of SCADA software on Delta PLC Ethernet bus doc(end)

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