Daqing Petrochemical plastic plant develops new pr

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Daqing Petrochemical plastic factory has developed a new product of full density polyethylene

the plastic factory of Daqing Petrochemical Company has successfully developed full density polyethylene. On the basis of high-tech technical support, it can ensure that the instrumentation industry can steadily improve the alkene dmda-8008, produce more than 8000 tons of new products, and increase efficiency. 4 as an example, it can improve the dispersion of 60000 yuan in the polymer that allows it to be used in a medium range of utilization

this factory closely follows the market demand and organizes technicians to tackle key problems and develop this new product by themselves. Scientific and technological personnel have successively overcome the technical problems in terms of product melt index, density, electrostatic fluctuation and so on, and finally realized the non-stop brand switching to produce new products

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