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Schleiner medical packaging for s restart lower jaw electromechanical conditioning lower jaw HL pharmaceutical development multi-function label with NFC

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core tip: Recently, schleiner medical packaging has developed special labels for the display equipment of various automatic syringes of SHL medical company (SHL medical). In this regard, Security and ease of use are paramount

[China Packaging News] recently, Schreiner MediPharm has developed special labels for the display equipment of various automatic syringes of SHL medical. In this regard, safety and ease of use are of primary importance

these labels meet the stringent requirements of the injection system, and the governance system is becoming more and more perfect, especially in terms of quality and patient orientation. These labels integrate some innovative technologies, including NFC chips. These labels are used on the amber series automatic syringes of SHL pharmaceutical company, which are far more than 81% in Asia and 87% in China

by adding NFC chips, users can obtain important information and services through intelligent and tag link interconnection. The Molly device of SHL medicine includes a thermometer, which can change color when the ambient temperature reaches a certain range

other new technologies also include the use of non slip polish to improve the grip and non slip of syringes. An integrated laser map allows users to confirm that the product is new, and the QR code printed on it allows users to link to more product information on the website through intelligence

shl pharmaceutical has developed automatic syringes for leading enterprises in the biopharmaceutical industry. The diversified design of the company is committed to user friendliness and appearance feeling, so as to make the self-treatment of patients easier

in addition to adding functional components, these new labels can also realize customized services and strengthen brand protection for manufacturers

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