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On May 4, the 14th China (Shanghai) international industrial automation and industrial robots Exhibition (China SIA) was grandly opened in Shanghai. As an industry event in the field of automation, SIA has become an important shortcut for global automation and robot brands to enter the Chinese market, and also an important window for Chinese automation and robot brands to show their strength to the world

in the exhibition, the theme booth of Linde "surpassing automation and leading intellectualization" showed that Linde robotics has a leading position in material handling intelligence in terms of equipment procurement, production line equipment and commissioning. At Linde booth, Linde handling robot demonstrated the efficiency and accuracy of unmanned forklift truck to access goods - the leading natural navigation system, which can carry out independent positioning in the process of moving. While strengthening the accuracy of users in the process of material handling and storage, it makes the complex and variable logistics operation conditions operate more safely and efficiently

Linde's theme booth "beyond automation and leading intelligence"

Linde's purpose is to achieve transcendental and efficient operations. How to maximize the efficiency of logistics operations according to user needs is the core of Linde's solution. Linde robotics, a Linde handling robot, was born out of this concept. It is equipped with Pl-d laser safety sensors and dual-mode operation mode. The forward travel speed is up to 2m/s and the reverse travel speed. But Matthias Scheffler doesn't doubt that big data will help achieve this goal of 0.8m/s. It comprehensively demonstrates the accuracy of natural navigation real-time positioning and intelligent detection of steering path, the seamless connection of system intelligent mobilization and customer instructions, the flexibility of pallet independent identification, and the three-dimensional shield protection technology. Linde robotics has solved a series of situations that may be encountered in the logistics process, and reached a peak in safety and operation efficiency

Linde dematek "smart alliance, decryption of the future" salon

another highlight of the same period of the exhibition is Linde dematek "smart alliance, decryption of the future" salon. Last year, Kaiao group, which Linde belongs to, became the world's leading supplier of intelligent internal logistics solutions through the acquisition of Dematic. Linde and Dematic also became brother companies. In this salon, users from different industries gathered, and the two giants shared "Linde intelligent products, including floor glue, rubber on electronic components, and key components on rubber products; flow solutions such as brake tubes, brake cups, brake pads, seals," and "Dematic's' soft and hard 'to speed up efficient logistics," which aroused great resonance in the industry

in the meeting, Linde also showed a comprehensive system integration solution, whether it is a forklift navigation system that optimizes equipment and operation process, a fleet management system that improves operation efficiency and shields operation risks, and a fully electronically controlled high assurance logistics trailer system. Linde has penetrated the concept of lean logistics, constantly updating Logistics operation mode, and optimizing management and logistics process

reviewing the SIA automation exhibition, Linde fully demonstrated the transformation and development in recent years from a forklift manufacturer to a comprehensive material handling solution service provider. It is believed that by actively investing in the field of intelligent logistics with industry professionals, Linde will help promote the upgrading of the entire logistics industry

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