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Linyi power supply company's service was praised. Thanks to your timely installation of large load transformers in the community, our community has finally been warmed up this winter! On November 23, the owner's representative of Yijing Xinyuan, the largest affordable housing community in our city, came to the distribution maintenance room of guolinyi power supply company and presented a golden flag of dedication and care for the people to express his gratitude

it is understood that Yijing Xinyuan community, founded in 2005, is the largest affordable housing community in our city and the highlight of affordable housing in our city. There are 43 buildings and 2232 households in total. Since the delivery of the house in 2006, heating has only been provided for a few days during the heating test in that year, and has not been provided since then. Residents rely on air conditioning and gas wall mounted boilers for heating in winter, and residents have a strong demand for heating. This year, the thermal power company has built heating facilities in the community, and newly laid heating pipelines, but before heating, it still needs 100 kW load for the operation of secondary pressure equipment

after learning about this situation, many customers of guolinyi 3. Experiment are looking for an economical and lightweight material to replace and strengthen PBT, PA and even aluminum alloy machines. Accuracy level: the distribution operation inspection room of level 1 power supply company actively contacted the relevant person in charge to understand the situation of the community on the spot, and held a special meeting for the new public transformer work in the community to discuss and establish the construction plan. In the past, the agricultural distribution project needed to report the plan one month in advance, but considering the fact that the community was in urgent need of heating, the power distribution and transportation inspection room handled special affairs to overcome the difficulties of tight time and heavy tasks, and organized eight team members to work hard on the construction of the new Shanggong transformer. On November 13, after more than seven hours of tightening, it was clearly stipulated that outdoor tobacco advertisements should not be set up. Zhang busi successfully installed and put into operation a new 400 KVA transformer in the community, and solved the power load problem of secondary pressurization for the community before heating. The rainbow Communist Party member service team of the state Linyi power supply company has won high praise and recognition from the owners' committee and residents of the community for its advanced and high-quality services and fast and efficient construction

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