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After successfully developing zh450, zh800a, zh1000 and zh1000a, Shanghai Yahua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., which has strong versatility and a wide range of applications, has successfully launched zh-b series high-speed box gluing machines, including zh600b, zh800b and zh1000b

Zh-b series box pasting machine has strong versatility and a wide range of applications. It can be used for various soft and hard cartons and various cartoon cardboard boxes of corrugated paper used in medicine and health, food, cosmetics and other light industrial products, as well as the sticking and folding of PVC, pet and PP materials. The box shape can be finished on this series of box pasting machines, such as single side paste straight box, lock bottom box, hexagonal box, CD, DVD box and French fries box

the representative product zh800b is powered by a 15 kW main motor. Its performance and requirements need to be tested. The air pressure is 7 bar, the air consumption is about 20 L/min, the folding box width is 54mm~820mm (the folding box width of zh600b is 54mm~620mm, and the folding box width of zh1000b is 54mm~1020mm). The zh-800b box pasting machine has high production speed, high machine accuracy and durability, and the straight-line box can be processed on the machine at a speed of 400 m/min. At the same time, adequate supply of parts and components for customers to produce a variety of color boxes to remove worries

Zh-b series high-speed box pasting machine has compact structure, strong reliability and easy operation. The whole process of box pasting is realized by automatically inputting, gluing, folding, gluing, counting, flattening and collecting the indented paperboard

the box is transported through the electromagnetic clutch and brake on the transmission mechanism. The setting of the front gauge and side gauge makes the box output stable and fast

pre folding accessories are installed in the pre folding part. The special pre folding part and its matching accessories are specially designed to reduce the time of machine adjustment and product conversion. At the same time, the bottom hook parts can also be installed to meet the different requirements of customers for folding boxes

advanced servo control is adopted in the four and six corner paste part, which makes the production of the four and six corner box fast, accurate and stable

the upper transporter of the folding part is an upper conveyor with adjustable pressure. It can be easily lifted, the belt is easy to replace, and the folding part is equipped with a removable intermediate conveying group to facilitate the folding of small cartons. In addition, the length of the folding device is accurately calculated to ensure that the indentation line can be evenly and gently folded. Therefore, it can handle various forms of packaging color boxes

the speed of the box receiving part can be adjusted by the transmission to control the stacking thickness of the carton. The superimposed pressure adopts pneumatic control to make the pressure soft. In order to adapt to various box types and materials in the current market, the equipment also adds the function of single sheet box collection in the box collection department. At the same time, the equipment also designed a carton horizontal feeding device and developed in the direction of high-end, differentiation and high value-added, leaving enough time for the follow-up work of the operators

The design of zh-b series box pasting machine fully considers the characteristics of man-machine combination, and the use of touch screen technology and wireless remote control technology, which makes this equipment simple and easy to use and fast to adjust. At the same time, the touch screen can alarm all kinds of faults in the machine. For example, the frequency conversion can test the needle puncture force alarm, limit alarm, PLC low battery alarm and other images on one station, which can be expressed in the form of words and images, and can also reduce the production cost. On the touch screen, some user parameters can also be set through the buttons on the touch screen. This not only greatly improves the production and debugging speed, but also plays a guiding role for users to use the machine

source: global color box industry

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