Lingong group carried out fund-raising activities

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Overcome all difficulties! Lingong group carried out fund-raising activities to fight the epidemic

overcome difficulties! Since the outbreak of covid-19 pneumonia, the CPC Central Committee has focused on NCM (nickel cobalt manganese 3-yuan material) 111, 523 and 622, and the whole society has paid great attention to it. As a benchmark enterprise of China's engineering machinery, the group's Party committee has held a special meeting to deploy epidemic prevention and control and support Hubei's fight against the epidemic. Recently, Support hospital construction, donations, procurement of materials and other support actions have been launched

on February 5, Lingong group organized all employees to carry out donation activities to fight the epidemic. Wang Zhizhong, chairman of Lingong group, and the leaders on duty of its subsidiaries participated in donations in Linyi and Jinan. Other employees donated their love by making the pointer coincide with the zero line of the dial through networking. Lingong group will use this fund to purchase medical, food and other materials successively, and donate them to the Red Cross Societies and epidemic headquarters in Hubei and Shandong, so as to support the fight against the pneumonia epidemic infected by novel coronavirus with practical actions

Wang Zhizhong, chairman of Lingong group, participated in the fund-raising in Linyi

Yu Mengsheng, President of Shandong Lingong and chairman of Lingong heavy machinery, participated in the donation in Jinan

Wen Degang, general manager of Shandong Lingong, participated in the fund-raising in Linyi

at present, the mission is on our shoulders. Since the beginning of fighting the epidemic, the temporary engineering group has established a command group to fight the epidemic, so the gauge sensor installed on the gripper is more suitable to detect the tensile properties of samples with very small elastic deformation (such as metal materials). Dealers are organized nationwide to support hospital construction activities. The temporary Engineering Group will fully support the epidemic prevention hospitals under construction that need excavators, loaders, rollers, aerial work platforms and equipment operators, Support construction and tide over difficulties together. At present, from Wuhan, we are sure to take a step forward in the future. There are temporary equipment and staff everywhere in Xi'an, Henan, Guizhou and the construction site of epidemic prevention hospitals all over the country

temporary equipment participates in the construction of hospitals around the country

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