Lin Shanping, chairman of the most popular Hongrun

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Lin Shanping, chairman of Hongrun company, was elected vice president of Nanping Charity Federation for three consecutive times. On July 28, 2017, Nanping charity donation conference and the general meeting of Nanping Charity Federation were held in Nanping Municipal Party committee, Fujian 6 Save the experimental data. Chairman Shunchang Hongrun helped the development of the plastic industry. Lin Shanping was re elected as the vice president of the Third Council of Nanping Charity Federation. 6. The relationship between file amplification and range classification. This is also the third time chairman Lin Shanping was elected to this post. At the same time, at this charity donation conference, he once again donated 500000 yuan to the municipal Charity Federation. He said that as always, he will continue to increase support for social public welfare undertakings. If he can do this, he will actively devote himself to public welfare and charities and make greater contributions to the charities of Nanping City. At present, chairman Lin Shanping's various public welfare donations have reached more than 10 million yuan

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