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Determined to move forward and live up to the trust: Lingong group won the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China

determined to move forward and live up to the trust: Lingong group won the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China - ingenuity Brand Award

On December 16, 2019, the seventh annual conference of Chinese entrepreneurs was held in Hainan, and more than 1300 guests from the political, business and academic circles at home and abroad were invited to attend

a number of excellent national enterprises emerged from the aspects of comprehensive strength, society and growth value at this annual meeting. Among the multi award-winning enterprises in data automatic processing, with its far-sighted global development and outstanding contributions to the industry, Lingong group won the "70th anniversary of the founding of new China - ingenuity Brand Award, steel wire frame cement polystyrene sandwich board jc623 ⑴ 996", and Yu mengshengrong, President of Shandong Lingong, won the "70th anniversary of the founding of new China - Social Entrepreneur Award"

having the overall situation in mind and caring for the public welfare

being kind and moral is the unique temperament of Chinese entrepreneurs. Lingong group inherits the traditional wisdom of "having the overall situation in mind and caring for the public welfare", and always takes society as an obligatory mission and a link of enterprise development

in recent years, in response to the call of the national fight against poverty, Lingong group has resolutely practiced social public welfare undertakings, such as assisting in the construction of hope primary school, donating poor students, taking the lead in joining the WWF carbon emission reduction pioneer program, launching good driver activities, and launching the "red love" targeted poverty alleviation action A series of public welfare actions show the group's true gratitude to the society, establish a model of responsibility and love that entrepreneurs should have, and inject a positive energy into contemporary society

never forget the original intention and adhere to the quality

as a base, 53 invention patents have been authorized; The transformation of the factory building of the national printed circuit board quality supervision and inspection center has steadily promoted enterprises with a sense of society. Lingong group is not only concerned with social welfare, but always takes "ingenuity quality" as the root of the enterprise

47 years ago, under the strategic guidance of "innovation driven, quality first", Lingong group has constantly benchmarked against foreign countries and caught up with and surpassed advanced enterprises. Continue to introduce lean production, create a world-class R & D experimental system, develop a variety of innovative products with excellent quality, and continue to bring high-value returns to customers. Due to the almost rigorous pursuit of quality, Shandong Lingong products are even more honored. In less than five years since 2014, from the provincial governor quality award to the national quality award to the Asian quality excellence award to the 2019 European Quality Award, it has been upgraded luxuriously and gradually climbed to the top of the world. Its high-end customized shell adopts the CFRTP material quality created by covestro, highlighting the influence of Lingong group's excellent quality, Fully display the charm of made in China

national, that is, the world's

product quality is a dignity for Lingong group, and it also represents the heart of Lingong group to be a child and a powerful country. Practicing quality and the world, Lingong group has shown the industry the enterprise style of keeping improving and sticking to quality

while the product line of Lingong group is spread all over the country, the internationalization strategy is laid out in the whole line. Combined with the the Belt and Road initiative, Lingong group has established multiple production bases around the world, and its products are sold to 132 countries and regions. It has successively established joint ventures with Volvo Construction equipment and Sandvik, further improving the business operation and market development ability of the group, and exploring an international road with "Lingong characteristics"

70 years of hard work, China's machinery industry has achieved a great leap forward in the world's largest manufacturing country. With excellent product quality and intelligent manufacturing strength, Lingong group has lived up to expectations, built a solid backbone for the development of China's construction machinery industry with wisdom and hard work, and has become a leader in China's construction machinery industry

looking forward to the future, Lingong group will firmly adhere to the strategic positioning of "world vision, international standards, Lingong characteristics, high-quality development", do not forget the original intention, cultivate both inside and outside, present the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China with excellent achievements, and contribute new strength to the realization of a manufacturing power

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