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Ling Wei, vice president of China industry daily, visited Shantui on December 9. Ling Wei, vice president of China industry daily, and his delegation visited Shantui and exchanged views on the company's brand building and intelligent manufacturing. An Lulin, deputy general manager of Shantui, received the guests and accompanied by relevant leaders and principals of the marketing business department. The guests and their entourage visited the mountain promotion hall, the crawler chassis division, the general assembly workshop of the bulldozer division and the finished bulldozer warehouse, and held working talks in the conference room of the headquarters building

during the meeting, the leaders of Shantui marketing department made an overall introduction from the aspects of company profile, industrial layout, product series, marketing services, etc. Ling Wei expressed his appreciation to Shantui for keeping the first place in the field of bulldozers for many consecutive years, and also for its excellent achievements in the main engine and key parts of construction machinery, such as earth moving machinery, road compaction machinery, concrete machinery, etc. In recent years, in the activity platform provided by China industry news, Shantui has been selected into the "national team phalanx" of the equipment manufacturing industry by virtue of its strength, and logged into the CCTV large-scale documentary "great powers and heavy weapons"; Many products have won the "China's first major technical equipment demonstration project"; It has been awarded the title of "leader in China's industrial industry" for many consecutive years, and its brand influence has been continuously enhanced

an Lulin, deputy general manager of Shantui, briefly introduced the marketing overview at home and abroad in 2017. With the help of national macro policies such as the "the Belt and Road", with excellent product quality and high-temperature air that fits the local market, it may trigger fire alarm customized products and services. Shantui's product coverage in countries along the "the Belt and Road" reached 85%, and its overseas performance was very eye-catching, which also prompted Shantui to accelerate the pace of intelligent manufacturing and industrial upgrading, Achieve win-win cooperation with customers. President an thanked China industry news for its support in Shantui brand building. He hoped that next, he would strengthen the dimension of cooperation with this national mainstream media in China's industrial field, launch a series of multi angle, in-depth and humanized reports based on a higher vision, and make full use of China industry forum, brand credit evaluation and other platforms to reach a new level in brand building

during the visit, Ling Wei was deeply impressed by the intelligent manufacturing equipment and production lines of Shantui's mainframe and spare parts factory, and fully affirmed the achievements made by Shantui in Intelligent Manufacturing in recent years. As the curtain of the fourth industrial revolution slowly opens, "industry 4.0", with intelligence as its soul and interconnection as its core feature, is bound to set off a great change in intelligent manufacturing and industrial upgrading in the world. It is hoped that Shantui can seize the opportunity, actively embrace the challenges, consolidate and improve the dominant position of the bulldozer industry in terms of making contributions to the industry's standards and technological development, and at the same time, overcome the bottleneck that currently restricts the development of the entire industry, For example, gear transmission components and other industries have increased their R & D efforts, integrated digital technology into the introduction, R & D and manufacturing of new products, accelerated the process of product intelligence, and achieved the rapid development of Shantui

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