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Editor's note: in 2008, Linghua technology continued to grow and expand, and was committed to the innovation of technologies and solutions in the fields of measurement, industrial computer and automation applications, deep ploughing the industry market, leading the industry development, and becoming a recognized world-class leader in the rapid growth of industrial computer industry. In this year, although the financial crisis swept the world and the "cold winter" came and went, we saw the extraordinary performance of Linghua Technology: innovative and lasting R & D capabilities, and quickly updated various series of products; Held "ADLINK day", "measurement automation forum" and other rich brand activities; Actively activate industry exhibitions and expand industry influence; The test after changing the set value to a larger one (such as stripping or going, boldly entering the European and American markets, and the business continues to rise, which has become a beautiful scenery in the industrial control industry!

[guide to events] on April 14, Linghua technology announced that it had successfully completed the equity delivery of ampro, and both parties agreed to obtain 100% equity of Kaiti by the way of share conversion, and will market the North American market with the parallel strategy of double a (ADLINK ampro) brand in the future, Linghua technology has become Taiwan's top three industrial computer manufacturers, but civil aircraft material manufacturers still have a large gap with the international advanced level in production quality control and airworthiness certification

link: Linghua technology obtained 100% equity of ampro in the United States

Linghua technology reported the good news for half a year, and the benefits of merging ampro emerged

comments: Linghua technology acquired ampro, mainly focusing on ampro's design, development and manufacturing capabilities in industrial computers, deep cultivation of American marketing channels and good brand image, hoping to create a win-win situation by combining the competitive advantages of both sides. Through ampro's complete U.S. sales channels and brand image, Linghua's products will expand its market share in the American market. This marks Linghua's growth and continuous efforts towards global brands, and also adds "horsepower" to the continuous growth of performance in the second half of the year. At the same time, it also marks that Linghua has broken through 10 strongholds around the world, covering Asia, Europe, the Americas and other regions, and a world-wide business has basically taken shape

[introduction to events] on April 22, Beijing - the "ADLINK day - 2008 International Summit Seminar on measurement and automation technology" hosted by Linghua technology was successfully concluded. Agilent technology, Toshiba Taili Co., Ltd., CCS Co., Ltd., aFAS Asia Co., Ltd., Beijing lingbang Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. and many other internationally renowned manufacturers made wonderful speeches and demonstrations at the meeting

link: Linghua technology ADLINK day event came to a successful conclusion

comments: ADLINK day, a brand event of Linghua, is more and more successful, and its influence continues to expand, attracting nearly 500 people from the industry. By bringing together international well-known manufacturers, this paper introduces the application of advanced measurement and automation technology, provides trend orientation and technology sharing for the development of measurement and automation industry, and provides advanced application solutions for domestic users in the field of measurement and automation

[introduction to events] on May 28, Linghua Technology participated in the fifth PXI Technology and Application Forum pxitac held in Beijing. This is the fifth consecutive year that Linghua technology was invited to participate in the PXI industry's technology event, and continued to be praised and recognized by the industry. The products that appear in pxitac include Linghua's latest PXI chassis, PXI controller, PXI expansion system and PXI data acquisition module, which allows users to easily purchase and build their own measurement and test system. In addition, the portable 8-slot PXI chassis pxis-2558t has attracted many people with its simple appearance, lightweight design, low-noise operation and other advantages. It also makes people have many questions about the whereabouts of the aircraft, whether the aircraft has been disassembled, and the safety of the aircraft

link: Linghua technology appeared at the 5th PXI Technology and Application Forum (pxitac)

comments: with the continuous upgrading of the automation industry, users' recognition and acceptance of PXI Technology will continue to improve, and PXI will be widely used as the mainstream technology of the automated test platform. Linghua technology complies with the demand trend, combines modern aesthetics with the convenience of practical application, and constantly introduces PXI products suitable for users' needs, so that users can easily purchase and build automated test platforms, and feel Linghua's unparalleled innovation

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