PLC control system for tower coal injection in Sho

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Shougang Mining pelletizing plant completed the upgrading and transformation of the tower coal injection PLC control system recently, two series of tower coal injection PLC control systems in the pelletizing plant of the mining company have been operated for nearly a month, and their performance is stable and reliable. The upgrading and transformation work has been a complete success

the two sets of Siemens PLC facilities in the control room of the tower building of the pellet plant are the control systems of the two series of rotary kiln gas and coal injection equipment of the pellet. Since the temperature of rotary kiln and grate roasting system depends on the control system, five industrial computers or servers directly access the system, which often causes problems such as data blocking. In this regard, the electric automation team of the pellet plant and the pellet innovation team in the planning and control room jointly researched the domestic 3-yuan material market with a range of 7.98 billion yuan, equipped with imported oil pumps, electro-hydraulic servo valves and PC servo controllers, and decided to upgrade the 300 PLC to the 400 PLC. In order to overcome a series of problems, such as large amount of equipment hardware changes, more program changes, and shorter system stability time, the innovation team took advantage of the four maintenance opportunities of the system to complete the system transformation in September and November respectively. After the transformation, the system operates stably, solves the problem of communication data blocking, and provides the equipment foundation for the next step of pump station water system with better national prospects

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