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The reason for this is that the joint surface between the valve body and the valve seat is worn, rusted and has sundries, resulting in poor sealing. The solution is: remove the sundries between the valve body and the valve seat, and replace the worn steel ball of the valve body. Wear and corrosion of conical valve body can be upgraded free of charge with grinding paste computer software; Grinding and cleaning with the movement of the grating are the key to enhance the competitiveness of graphene materials in the market and improve their sealing performance

second, the thread leaks oil

the reason is that the nut is loose and the thread slides. The nut or bolt should be replaced. If the threaded hole slides, the hole shall be enlarged and tapped, and the bolt shall be replaced with a larger one. You can also wrap a few circles of polyethylene plastic tape around the bolts

third, the self tightening oil seal leaks oil

the reason is that the oil seal lip is worn, the oil seal framework is deformed, the self tightening spring is off worn, and the journal is seriously worn. The solution is to replace the oil seal with a new one. During installation, the oil seal shall be pressed in smoothly to prevent the self tightening spring from falling off. The lip of the oil seal shall not be zigzag, and a small amount of grease shall be applied. The journal is severely worn and should be replaced

the fourth is plane joint oil leakage

the reason is that the joint surface is not tight, the sealing gasket is damaged or the thickness is uneven. The solution is to use fine sandpaper and oilstone to grind the joint surface and replace the sealing gasket. During installation, the contact surface shall be clean, the two sides of the paper gasket shall be coated with grease, and the pressing force shall be uniform

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