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When buying cigarettes during the Spring Festival, please look for the latest anti-counterfeiting logo

the consumption of cigarettes around the Spring Festival is relatively concentrated, especially for medium, high-end and common popular brands. As the tobacco management personnel learned in the market, the cigarettes sold in the regular stores in the market are supplied by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau. However, for some high-end brands of cigarettes, due to the small quantity available, the supply on the market can ensure the cleanness of the lifting shaft; As a result, some illegal cigarette sellers took the opportunity to provide fake goods to some small traders, restaurants, restaurants and entertainment places to entrap consumers. From the special rectification of the market before the festival, there are still many problems in these places. On the one hand, due to the small number of daily cigarettes sold by small vendors, their business qualifications are low, and the goods of medium and high-grade cigarettes imported from tobacco companies are very few. On the other hand, the price of counterfeit cigarettes is low and the profit is high. They do not hesitate to take risks and operate illegally. So be careful when you buy cigarettes in these places. At the same time, it is also learned from Xi'an Tobacco Monopoly Bureau that in order to facilitate Festival purchase, Xi'an Tobacco Monopoly Bureau has also specially introduced equipment, adopted new fire technology means for the supplied cigarette packaging, and sprayed anti-counterfeiting codes on the cigarette packages. We can see that this anti-counterfeiting code is sprayed on the outer package of cigarettes with two rows of numbers printed by laser to prevent counterfeiting. This anti-counterfeiting number indicates which tobacco company the cigarette was imported from, when it was imported, how much it was, and the sales license number of the operator who sold the cigarette in december2010

the deputy director of Xi'an Tobacco Monopoly Bureau told us that this anti-counterfeiting spray code is characterized by one spray code number for each operator and one spray code number for each day. The tobacco company will randomly type 1 The experimental intensity and the accuracy of measurement depend on the steps and links in the experimental process, which can effectively prevent the forgery of fake cigarettes. Therefore, consumers must go to a regular store to buy, and must recognize the anti-counterfeiting spray code. If there is no anti-counterfeiting spray code, it is best not to buy

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