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Excuse me for interrupting - lifesize has introduced the hand raising function

nonverbal prompts, which are very important for effective communication. When communicating face-to-face with colleagues or customers, it is easy to tell them when they have something to say through nonverbal cues (such as body movements, facial expressions, eye contact and gestures)

using video conferencing is not always easy. When communicating face-to-face with a person or a small group, although it is usually possible to maintain awareness of facial expressions and body language, this becomes more challenging as the list of participants increases. If you are a speaker, you may be more focused on delivering messages or presentations to people in the room than participants on the screen. If you are a participant, if you don't have the attention of the speaker, or if you don't see the picture on the screen at all in a large meeting, you can easily ignore the hint of questions or comments

with this in mind, we provide lifesize desktop, web and mobile applications and applesafari?, GoogleChrome? And Microsoft? The guest experience of edge browser adds a new skill of raising hands. The biggest feature is to realize the circular energy of the industrial chain

raising hands allows participants to communicate with the meeting organizer or moderator without directing the minutes. At the touch of a button, your virtual hand will be raised and a notification will appear indicating that you have a problem or comment to solve. The speaker can then respond based on his own judgment - perhaps in real time, but most likely at a more appropriate time, rather than when making an important point

in addition to "eliminating the need for participants to speak out, raise hands also provides facilitators with tools to better manage meetings. Participants who raise their hands can be easily identified by the gesture icon next to their names in the participant list, or they can be filtered out of all participants with one click. If the problem has been solved or is no longer accepted, the host can also let go alone or put down all hands at the same time

speaking of moderators, another recent update is that any administrator or super user of your lifesize account can now host any meeting they attend. With this enhanced control, you no longer need to assign moderator privileges to the people you trust most on a meeting by meeting basis

as we continue to improve your lifesize video conferencing experience, more updates will be available in the coming weeks and months

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