Please fasten the safety rope when traveling on Ma

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Please wear a safety rope when traveling on May Day

with the performance of special tires marked by Juying at the beginning, people's consumption level continues to improve, and more and more citizens take advantage of the 7-day long holiday to travel. People in the insurance industry remind that when purchasing travel accident insurance during travel, the cost is not high, but they tie the "insurance rope" for themselves

according to statistics, the incidence of tourism accidents during the golden week is two to three times that of normal times, and the number of tourists with accidents accounts for about twothirds of the total number of tourists. Therefore, it is recommended that citizens buy travel accident insurance before traveling. Citizens who often travel, such as self driving or mountain climbing, can also buy a year-round insurance to cut off the power supply. In the western developed countries, the general tourists will take out 3% to 10% of the total travel expenses to buy travel accident insurance

some tourists think that the travel agency insurance is enough to play a protective role. In fact, it is not the case. According to relevant regulations, travel agencies must purchase travel agency insurance, which belongs to compulsory insurance. However, it only protects accidents caused by travel agencies during the journey. If tourists are injured or killed due to travel agencies, they will be compensated by the insurance company; In other words, if the accident is not caused by the travel agency, the flight delay, sudden natural disaster, luggage loss, cancellation of the tourism project due to the weather, sudden fall injury during the travel, sudden illness on the way, etc. are not the fault of the travel agency, and passengers can only transfer the risk by purchasing accident insurance

in fact, the premium required for a travel accident insurance is not high, ranging from a few yuan to dozens of yuan, generally ranging from ten to twenty yuan, and the maximum insured amount can often reach one to two million yuan. For tourists, it is a kind of insurance with low consumption and high security. It should be noted that when purchasing travel accident insurance, you must understand the coverage of insurance products to see whether global or domestic 24-hour emergency rescue is provided, whether high-risk tourism projects such as diving and skiing are included, and whether luggage loss is managed. Tourists who travel by themselves should see whether vehicle failure rescue is provided

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