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but for China's manufacturing industry, the coming May is not calm. With the intensification of Sino US trade frictions, macroeconomic uncertainty has greatly increased. Manufacturing is the foundation of the country, and many key core technologies in China are still controlled by others. We must be steadfast, speed up the filling of weaknesses, strengths and weaknesses, fill in gaps, and catch up

don't say much. Let's review the industry event in May

in May, there are more and more business activities. Rockwell Automation 2019 global roadshow forum appeared in Tianjin, and released a new brand commitment expanding human probability at this roadshow; Phoenix Contact's phiidf 2019 and China intelligent industry ecological conference came to Wuhan this year; Taking advantage of the good day of the relocation of China headquarters, Beifu China VIP customer strategic communication meeting was also grandly held in Shanghai; The 2019 global roadshow of Guangbao technology industrial automation products came to Foshan station; Siemens intelligent manufacturing Chengdu innovation center was officially launched; Schneider Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was also established to further develop intelligent manufacturing; The 2019 ABB cup intelligent technology innovation competition was launched here, and the finalists of the 6th Delta Cup university automation design competition were announced there; Intelligent manufacturing is inseparable from software, so Mitsubishi Electric simply bought iconics; KUKA's financial report finally looked good. The net profit in the first quarter increased by 54.6% and the amount of new orders in the Chinese market doubled; Xinsong released the robot intelligent control system. Country garden, which built houses, was also unwilling to be lonely and announced that it would invest another 50billion yuan to build robots. The industry is also very lively. Iamd Beijing 2019 and the first South China robot and automation exhibition created by the original staff of the ICIF opened successively; 2019 China Germany intelligent manufacturing Summit Forum was held in Changsha; In the 2019 industrial network market share report released by HMS, the global share of industrial Ethernet accounts for 59%; The survey shows that 78.0% of the respondents hope to engage in new careers related to artificial intelligence and IOT; How important is industrial safety? Let's listen to what the industry says; Academician Wu Hequan laid emphasis on how to develop the current hot industrial interconnection; The scale of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry exceeds 3trillion yuan, which can be described as both opportunities and challenges. However, the PMI of China's official manufacturing industry in May released by the Bureau of statistics was not good, at 49.4, falling below the boom and bust line. Please refer to the following details one by one:

"enterprise highlights"

on May 29, phiidf 2019 and China intelligent industry ecology conference designated Wuhan Optics Valley Science and Technology Exhibition Center, which is connected with industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing, industrial interconnection Well known experts, scholars, enterprise leaders in artificial intelligence and other fields, as well as 2000 industrial users gathered at the grand event to discuss the cutting-edge trends and hot topics such as intelligent manufacturing, digitalization, automation, and intellectualization. (original reading)

on May 15, 2019, Rockwell Automation officially launched the Rockwell Automation global roadshow Tianjin station. More than 1000 customers and industry experts from all over the country gathered in Tianjin to focus on topics such as industrial IOT, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and efficiency, and jointly exchange and discuss how to realize intelligent manufacturing by building an interconnected enterprise. At the same time, Rockwell Automation released a new brand commitment expanding human probability at this roadshow. (original text reading)

on May 23, 2019, the 2019 Beifu China VIP customer strategic communication meeting was grandly held in Hyatt Regency Shanghai. More than 170 customer representatives, partners and media representatives from the domestic equipment manufacturing industry attended the event. The theme of the conference was innovation leading the future and creating excellence hand in hand. The guests gathered with the senior management and technical experts of Beifu company to discuss the digital transformation and sustainable development of enterprises in the era of intelligent manufacturing. On the afternoon of May 21, Siemens intelligent manufacturing Chengdu innovation center was officially launched in Chengdu high tech Zone. It is understood that Siemens intelligent manufacturing Chengdu innovation center is composed of intelligent manufacturing capability center, intelligent manufacturing professional laboratory, industry solution research center, talent training platform 4. 2. Sensor functional modules. It will integrate the innovation and R & D of intelligent manufacturing and bring together the innovation of software and hardware technology of discrete and process manufacturing. (original reading)

in order to better support the development of intelligent manufacturing business and enable more Chinese enterprise users to realize the practical benefits brought by digital transformation, Schneider Electric decided to operate the intelligent manufacturing business independently to serve users and the Chinese market in a more flexible and efficient manner. On May 15, Schneider Electric announced that its independent Schneider Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established in Beijing. The new company will be committed to intelligent manufacturing business. After its establishment, it will help industrial enterprises carry out digital transformation in a more flexible and efficient manner. (original text reading)

on May 14, the 2019 Guangbao technology industrial automation products global roadshow Foshan station with the theme of working together with Guangbao to create the future intelligently was successfully held in Shunde Holiday Inn. Dozens of customers and partners from Guangbao technology Foshan region attended the roadshow. Dr. zhengzhifeng, general manager of industrial automation business department of Guangbao technology, said that the roadshow aims to be closer to customers and understand customers' needs in terms of products, performance, quality and service. He disclosed that this year, the R & D center of Guangbao technology in Nanjing will be officially put into use to provide customers with richer products and services and respond to customer needs in a more timely manner. (original reading)

2019 ABB cup intelligent technology innovation competition officially released the competition title, schedule and rules. Hosted by ABB and co organized by China Society of automation, this competition, with the theme of intelligent technology leading the future, aims to explore and cultivate more excellent intelligent industry technical talents, promote the combination of intelligent industry theory and practice, and solve practical problems in the engineering field. (original reading)

find out the finalists of the sixth Delta Cup university automation design competition. After the network test and the evaluation of the expert judges of the preliminary competition, a total of 78 schools and 85 teams stood out from 127 schools and 230 registration teams and were shortlisted for the finals. The international influence of this university competition continues to expand. A total of 9 foreign universities have been shortlisted, including 3 universities in Thailand, 3 universities in India, 2 universities in Vietnam and 1 University in the Netherlands. At the same time, colleges and universities on both sides of the Taiwan Straits also responded positively, and 8 colleges and universities from Taiwan entered the finals. (original text reading)

Mitsubishi Electric recently announced its 100% acquisition of iconics, a well-known software provider located in foxburg, Massachusetts. This acquisition will strengthen Mitsubishi's software portfolio and technology in the manufacturing, industrial and building automation markets. Iconics' high-end software products are used for SCADA, HMI, IOT, mobile, analysis and cloud applications. The acquisition is subject to regulatory approval and other customary closing conditions. (original reading)

according to the financial report released by KUKA group, the group's after tax profit increased by 54.6% in the first quarter of this year, reaching 15million euros. In the Chinese market, KUKA's new orders in the first quarter totaled 173million euros, an increase of 121.5% year-on-year. KUKA said that China is the fastest growing market in the field of robot automation in the world. KUKA has a large number of orders in China, both in the automotive industry and general industrial fields. (original text reading)

on May 17, Xinsong SRC C5 robot intelligent control system was launched at Xinsong booth of Tianjin world intelligence conference, and received extensive attention from industry customers, well-known media and all walks of life to replace the traditional process of acid treatment. The SRC C5 new generation robot intelligent control system newly released by Xinsong is another masterpiece of Xinsong in exploring the integration and development of artificial intelligence and robot technology. SRC C5 intelligent control system is independently developed by Xinsong and can be secondary developed based on user requirements. The touch screen horizontal teaching box is adopted, and the touch screen experience with high sensitivity is applicable to all models of the new system. (original text reading)

in less than a year, country garden has continuously made big moves in the robot field. Following the establishment of Guangdong bozhilin robot Co., Ltd. last year, country garden announced that it would invest 50billion yuan in Changsha to continue to expand the robot industry. Lixiaolin, vice president of country garden group, said that the comprehensive strength of Changsha not only means the soil for cultivating the robot industry, but also means the huge demand for robots in the future. The robot industry is actually a capital intensive and technology intensive industry. Country garden has enough funds to support this new industry, which is also the advantage of country garden as an industry. On May 8, the three-day China (Beijing) international industrial intelligence and power transmission and Automation Exhibition 2019 (iamd Beijing 2019) officially opened in the Beijing exhibition hall. According to the data released by the organizer, as a leading industrial automation exhibition in northern China, iamd Beijing has attracted nearly 200 exhibitors this year, with an exhibition area of about 20000 square meters. It is expected that 15000 professional visitors will attend the exhibition, including more than 100 professional audience delegations. (original text reading)

in recent years, the manufacturing industry in South China has been accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading. Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Great Bay area requires to accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry. The government has made great efforts, from the support of intelligent manufacturing projects to the rapid development of manufacturing industry in South China, which has laid a solid industrial foundation and broad market demand for the development of automation in South China. On May 22, the first China (South China) International robotics and Automation Exhibition (IARS) was held in Guangdong Modern International Expo Center (Dongguan), which was built by the original staff of the China International Industry Expo and was far beyond the range of 2.4 (6) 00kn of 600kN of grade 6. Inject new vitality into the development of manufacturing industry in South China. (original text reading)

in the afternoon of May 24, the 2019 China Germany intelligent manufacturing cooperation summit forum and the working group plenary session of China Germany intelligent manufacturing cooperative enterprise dialogue with the theme of innovation leading the future of intelligent manufacturing were held in Xiangjiang new area, Hunan Province. Representatives from Chinese and German industry 4.0 related institutions, key universities, industry associations and well-known enterprises gathered together to discuss new ideas and new paths to accelerate the promotion of intelligent manufacturing. On May 9, wangjianwei, deputy director of the information and software department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, made the above remarks at the 2019 industrial safety conference. He said that strengthening industrial information security protection and promoting a new round of industrial reform have become the strategic choice for developed countries to reshape their new advantages in industrial development and seize the commanding heights of competition. In the future, we will continue to increase support, improve industrial information security rules and regulations, strengthen the safety subjects of industrial enterprises, build a strong technical defense line for industrial information security, cultivate industrial information security industrial ecology, and promote the healthy development of industrial control system information security industry and the rapid construction of industrial interconnection security guarantee system. (original reading)

hms released the annual analysis of industrial network market share, mainly focusing on the newly installed nodes in global factory automation. As an independent supplier of industrial communication and industrial IOT solutions, HMS has deep insight into the industrial network market. In 2019, the number of new connection nodes is expected to increase by 10%. Industrial Ethernet continues to grow rapidly, accounting for 59% of newly installed nodes (52% last year), while Fieldbus

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