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On the one hand, innovation and differentiation are aimed at the end users of doors and windows, focusing on the comfort, humanization, safety and intelligence of products

on the one hand, innovation and differentiation are aimed at the end users of doors and windows, focusing on the comfort, humanization, safety and intelligence of products; on the other hand, they are aimed at door and window manufacturers, focusing on the convenience of installation, improving installation efficiency, reducing procurement and management costs, so as to enhance the competitiveness of door and window enterprises

basic improvement of comfort

the reasonably designed multi-point locking system gives doors and windows the best sealing, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction performance, and creates a quiet and comfortable living space

open fan push-pull system

through the transmission and operation device with exquisite structure, the diversified opening and ventilation modes of doors and windows are realized. Horizontal opening and horizontal opening tilting are the classic opening methods popular in the European continent for decades. On this basis, a variety of auxiliary and special opening methods have been derived, such as micro slit ventilation, tilting horizontal opening, lifting push-pull, push-pull tilting, high window opening, middle suspension tilting, etc. The large opening fan push-pull system realizes the integration of nature and living environment, and improves the quality and taste of living space

humanized auxiliary function

humanized product design gives end users of doors and windows a comfortable feel and convenient operation. Such as fan lifting protection, anti misoperation, wedge guide device, mute latch, auxiliary functions built into the handle, opening limit, tilting positioning and other functions

security needs to be improved

the security (anti-theft) of doors and windows has attracted increasing attention. In order to meet the requirements of different buildings for security and anti-theft performance, Europe has introduced strict anti-theft grade standards, from the configuration of anti-theft lock points to complete test means and procedures. The typical anti-theft lock point design is the so-called mushroom head lock point design. The intelligent safety lock point represents the latest design concept. The structural design of mushroom head ensures the security and anti-theft of the locking point. The telescopic adjustability of the lock head in the height direction automatically compensates the gap error of the frame and fan (10-14mm). The lock head enters the lock seat in a rolling manner to reduce the locking resistance and surface wear

a horizontal tilting locking rod is set under the window sash to prevent the window sash from being pried up as a whole in the tilting state, and significantly improve the security level of the whole window. In order to improve the safety of doors and windows, the anti misoperation function has become the standard configuration of doors and windows. In the multi-point door lock system, the combination of multiple lock points and the linkage control of multiple lock points are realized by the handle or lock cylinder, which ensures the tightness and sealing performance, and improves the security and anti-theft performance of the whole door

intellectualization has become a hot spot

the concept of intelligent doors and windows naturally comes into being with the informatization and digitization process of human society. Intellectualization reflects the future development of the door and window industry. Using motor drive and crank connecting rod mechanism to replace the handle rotation and opening and closing action to realize the electric opening and closing of doors and windows is the premise of realizing intelligent control. Sensors are installed at the lock point or outdoors to collect data about the opening and closing status of doors and windows and the external climate. Through data processing and linkage, the monitoring of the opening and closing of doors and windows of buildings and the coordinated control with the air conditioning and heating system are realized. With the help of programming or network control, open doors and windows according to the specific needs of users, realize personalized and intelligent ventilation, and create an intelligent living environment

convenience of installation

in the design of hardware system, the convenience and efficiency of installation of five metal parts are improved through technical innovation or detail improvement in the standardization of parts, modular structure design, special connection mode, possibility of adjustment, fault tolerance, positioning block, intermediate state positioning pin, etc

improve the competitiveness of door and window enterprises

door and window enterprises can obtain orders and added value with high-quality door and window systems by selecting appropriate and reliable hardware systems, better control their comprehensive costs, realize their commitments to customers (delivery time, quality standards), reduce the workload and troubles of after-sales maintenance and repair, and improve the market image and competitiveness of the brand

environmentally friendly products and processes

under the pressure of laws, government decrees and the public, European hardware manufacturers continue to improve their equipment and processes to meet environmental requirements. The improvement mainly focuses on the metal surface treatment process and equipment. The most typical case is that various manufacturers have successively introduced hardware components with silver surface to replace the traditional yellow surface

improve the degree of manufacturing automation

in the face of the sharp rise in labor costs, manufacturers continue to purchase automated manufacturing and assembly equipment to significantly reduce the manufacturing cost of products while improving the uniformity of product quality

to meet the needs of manufacturing automation in the door and window industry

in order to meet the needs of manufacturing automation in the door and window industry, major European hardware manufacturers have launched hardware systems suitable for semi-automatic and full-automatic assembly

marketing innovation and value-added services

the market competition in the door and window hardware industry is not limited to products and technology itself, but has been extended to the following fields: customers establish partnerships that go beyond sales relationships; Provide customers with a series of solutions; Network marketing; Launch of electronic order catalogue; Development and promotion of hardware configuration software




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