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There are many hidden dangers of fire, explosion, poisoning and personal injury caused by the use of flammable and explosive materials in indoor decoration, the scattered construction site and the lack of safety awareness of some construction personnel

there are many hidden dangers of fire, explosion, poisoning and personal injury caused by the use of flammable and explosive materials in indoor decoration, the scattered construction site and the lack of safety awareness of some construction personnel

an emergency safety plan should be established for home decoration, and attention should be paid to six prevention measures: fire prevention, explosion prevention, poison prevention, disease prevention, waterproof and hidden danger prevention

first prevention: fire

first pay attention to the fire safety during indoor construction. Smoking is prohibited on site, and open flames are not allowed; Inflammables such as paint and thinner should be stored away from the fire source in a cool, ventilated and safe place; The construction site should be cleaned every day to remove wood chips, paint dirt, residues and other combustible materials; Ensure the safety and smoothness of indoor exits; Fire fighting equipment must be equipped; The construction personnel must master the common sense of fire control

secondly, attention should be paid to the use of fire-proof materials in decoration. Decorative materials such as wood, carpet, cloth art, paint, etc. are flammable materials. For this reason, the state has formulated strict standards, and decorative materials must be selected according to the standard grade requirements. The indoor ceiling shall be made of non combustible materials, and the wall, ground and base course shall be made of non combustible or hard fuel to minimize the fire hazard. The wood of kitchen utensils must be treated with fire protection

third, we should pay attention to circuit construction and electrical installation in home decoration. Strictly implement the electrical installation procedures. All electrical circuits should be sleeved, and non combustible materials should be used for fire and heat insulation around junction boxes, switches, slot lamps, ceiling lamps and heating devices

second prevention: explosion

paint, banana water, paint and diluent, which are widely used in decoration, are easy to volatilize. The indoor ventilation is poor, and the gas volatilized by the paint is not easy to be discharged, gathering indoors. The volatile gas is mixed with air to form an explosive gas mixture, with an explosion limit of 1.7% to 15%. Within this range, it will explode in case of open fire. When the explosion limit is reached, if you don't pay attention to it a little, pull the light at the beginning, or turn on the electric tool, the electric spark will bring serious consequences

a few years ago, an explosion caused by decoration paint thinner occurred in a residential area in Beijing. Therefore, during the construction, there is good ventilation indoors, so that the flammable gas is easy to diffuse outdoors

in addition, unauthorized modification and packaging of gas pipelines are also very likely to cause gas leakage and explosion. Many users privately remove the gas meter and change the indoor gas pipe in order to be beautiful at home, or seal it with countertops and decoration materials, thus leaving potential safety hazards to users themselves

three prevention: poison

the main components of paint and waterproof materials are mostly resin organic macromolecular compounds, which contain a large amount of volatile solvents. When in use, it is often necessary to adjust the diluent to a suitable viscosity to facilitate construction. These diluents are highly volatile and widely dispersed in the air, making them the culprit of poisoning workers during construction

preventive measures: use non-toxic and harmless decorative materials and processes that meet national standards, such as water-based paint and other non polluting materials; There are no labor protection measures to strengthen the workplace. Decorators must wear protective equipment when painting in the room with closed doors and windows. Painters are not allowed to spend the night at the job site

four prevention: disease

now, the temperature changes frequently, and the human immunity becomes less strong in such an environment. In addition, all kinds of pathogenic bacteria and viruses can easily recover in mild weather and start large-scale activities, so the possibility of catching a cold is greater than that of influenza. In addition, most of the workers live and board on site. The hygiene of food and tableware and the on-site environment are prone to the prevalence of diseases

preventive measures: try not to live on the construction site. If you really need to live on site, you should have one bed for each person, and pay attention to room ventilation and disinfection and sanitation of bedding and luggage; Pay attention to the food hygiene at the construction site, disinfect cooking utensils and tableware, and divide meals; Pay attention to the disposal of domestic waste and construction waste at the construction site, clean them in time, bag them separately and send them to the designated place, and do not throw them away at will; Pay attention to personal hygiene and proper rest to prevent the spread of disease; Pay attention to ventilation and air disinfection and purification at the construction site

five precautions: water

the first is to prevent damage to the waterproof layer of the kitchen and bathroom during decoration. At the same time, it should be carefully checked to see whether the waterproof layer is in place and damaged, otherwise it should be repaired. Water injection test shall be carried out after repair. If there is any change in the position of the kitchen and bathroom, we must redo the waterproof layer

second, some people arbitrarily changed the plumbing and heating system for the convenience of decoration, resulting in a lot of flooding in decoration

the third is to avoid water running caused by inferior plumbing fittings used in decoration

fourth, it is to prevent lax management from running water during decoration construction. Some people ask the property management company to turn off the general cut-off door of water during decoration, and forget to turn off the tap after decoration. Once the general cut-off door is opened and there is no one in the house, there will be a flood

six prevention: hidden dangers

at present, there are many problems of hidden dangers in project quality caused by barbaric decoration. It is understood that a large part of all kinds of accidents such as fires in urban residential buildings in China are caused by hidden dangers left by barbaric decoration. Even if there is no vicious accident, the savage decoration will seriously affect the service life of the building and devalue the value of the commercial housing

these hidden dangers of project quality include: punching holes in the load-bearing wall at will, and dismantling the wall connecting the balcony doors and windows. Expand the size of the original doors and windows or build additional doors and windows. Increase the static load of the floor at will; Build walls or overload ceilings indoors, and install large lamps and ceiling fans. Arbitrarily plan and chisel the roof, drill holes, and cut off the stressed reinforcement in the building. The balcony function is artificially amplified, and the overload phenomenon is serious. Directly bury wires or change wires without threading. And water, heating, electricity, gas and other residential supporting facilities





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