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As one of the leading brands in the Chinese wallpaper industry, Isabella knows that cultural connotation, aesthetic proposition, delicacy and chicness, environmental protection and practicality are the four elements that must be possessed by excellent brands and classic products. This is not only the foothold and foothold of Isabella for product development and integration, but also the cornerstone of elegant quality life advocated by Isabella. Isabella will create a special home experience for customers with a unique perspective, innovative design and rich heritage

Churchill brand is a high-end design brand of Pan household products focusing on wallpaper, fabric art and accessories, founded by janechurchill (Jane Churchill), the granddaughter of former British Prime Minister Churchill, and acting as the chief designer! Once launched, the brand has won the favor of many high-end consumers in Europe with its unique product design, exquisite production technology and safe and environmentally friendly materials

as one of the typical representatives of British modern high-tech style with the concept of modernity, fashion and luxury, janechurchill has always adhered to the organic integration of style, coloring, material and technology in design, and has always adhered to the design and product proposition of "trend with me"! And actively advocating individuality can also achieve exquisite luxury and fashion, which can also become a classic product concept

this time Isabella and Churchill jointly launched a number of janechurchill's latest wallpaper products for the Chinese market, which are also the series that best reflect janechurchill's design characteristics (see the figure below):

the core of grovepark series is that designers in order to correct the trend that "dazzle" is not necessarily "floating", and "gorgeous" is also taste, but also needs taste! The multicolor coexistence in this picture does not appear messy. It is so coordinated under the sculpture of the designer, which is a warm, romantic, aesthetic and somewhat calm emotional appeal. This is the fashion show, and the protagonist of this show is you

marchwood in these columns, designers want to show their personality and describe some emotions through the sharp color contrast between black and white. In this strong contrast, they can more effectively convey the bold, bold, frank and direct behavior and personality characteristics of the master! Your room is up to you

tivington series mostly take the classic retro and composite color processing tone of British Victorian period as the base color, and then take the current popular Paris silver gray color as the main color of branches and leaves. Combine and deal with two different color processing techniques to form a personalized but elegant indoor picture. It's you who watch the scenery





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