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I believe you are familiar with floor heating equipment. Engineering measures taken to make a certain environment reach a certain temperature. This kind of equipment is generally common in perennial cold areas, and it is also very common in domestic areas. It has become a very popular heating method. It is highly efficient, energy-saving and beautiful, and is deeply loved by families. So, which kind of floor heating equipment is good? How to choose floor heating equipment? If you are still confused about this, you might as well follow me to learn about the relevant knowledge of household floor heating equipment

since floor heating equipment entered thousands of households, floor heating, as the most comfortable and healthy heating equipment, has won the unanimous recognition of the majority of consumers. With the improvement of living standards, more and more residents regard floor heating as the first choice of household heating equipment. The floor heating equipment is natural and comfortable, and the heat slowly radiates from the ground, without any sense of conflict. Floor heating equipment is generally divided into water floor heating equipment and electric floor heating equipment. In order to have a more comprehensive understanding of household floor heating equipment, I will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of household floor heating equipment

floor heating equipment - Classification

1 Water floor heating equipment

floor heating equipment includes: heat source equipment, temperature control system, etc. Auxiliary materials include: insulation board, floor heating clip, ball valve, elbow, direct, etc

2. Carbon crystal floor heating equipment

insulation board, carbon crystal board, decorative materials, junction boxes, wireways, etc

3. Heating cable equipment

transformer, household watt hour meter, temperature controller, etc

4. Heating film floor heating equipment

thermostat, electric conduit, etc

how to choose floor heating equipment &mdash& mdash; The temperature of hot water shall not exceed 60 ℃, and the heat shall be uniform


1. It can provide both heating and domestic hot water

2. Large heating area and long time. The human body is free of radiation, comfortable and healthy

3. Low operation cost


1. Gas wall mounted furnace needs to be installed, and the price is high

2. The occupied floor height is about 2cm

how to choose floor heating equipment &mdash& mdash; Electric floor heating

converts electric energy into heat energy to reach an appropriate temperature


1. The cost is related to the ground area. Small houses are small and the cost is low

2. Less floor height

3. Fast heat transfer, preheating for two to three hours

4. Clean energy, no pollution


1. There is radiation, so you should buy qualified products

2. High operation cost

3. Suitable for small area families

which kind of household floor heating equipment is good

water and floor heating is healthy and comfortable, energy-saving and environmental friendly, suitable for large-area house types, with high initial cost and occupation. Users can choose more suitable floor heating equipment according to their preferences and actual conditions

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